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Are Low Carb Diets the Solution to Obesity Problems?


In today’s society obesity problems abound. As an industrialized society, we are getting bigger and bigger. But is obesity just a combination of overeating and under activity? We all know people who eat and eat and eat but don’t gain an ounce. Conversely we also know people who eat small bird’s portions of food but are greatly overweight. Sometimes it seems that there is more involved with obesity problems than just a simple matter of intake and output.

One of the problems with obesity has to be a problem with metabolic functions. Is it possible that people with obesity problems have such a metabolism that they do not process food in the normal way? Does a person who weighs more than 300 pounds always eat too much and do too little. The gyms are full of people who want to lose weight and sweat it out only to find they can’t make any strides towards the elusive weight loss. Many obese people have been referred to psychiatrists, psychologists and dietitians to help combat the obesity problem. They are put on low fat diets, low calorie diets and are told to exercise more. A lot of the times these measures do not lead to weight loss and just adds to the psychological problems. Telling them that they have to change their habits adds guilt to their already fragile egos. Does it make sense to tell an obese person that their obesity problem is a result of a lack of willpower?

There are studies that have been done on obese rats. There is a genus of rats called Zucker rats that are genetically predisposed to obesity. It was found that these rats put on a rigorous calorie reduced diet turned out fatter than their cousins who were allowed to eat as much as they wanted. It was found that the rigorous diet resulted in vital organs and muscle deterioration but did not reduce body fat.

One of the famous diet techniques involves severe reductions of carbohydrates. The Atkins Diet is quite famous for that weight loss plan. It was found that the lower carbohydrate diets resulted in far greater weight loss than not restricting carbohydrate intake. However this study concluded that the scientific data was insufficient to draw a long term conclusion. One study actually found that putting people with obesity problems on a high protein diet rich in fatty meats and eggs resulted if far greater weight loss than diets that cut back on any fat. These people were put on to diets that encouraged patients to eat more calories than less. They were put on 3,000 calories per day of which only 80 calories were made up of carbohydrates per meal. These patients were also instructed to use no sugar or starch.

In recent studies the researchers have found that low carbohydrate diets do much better than low calorie/low fat diets. There is also proof that not only do they result in more weight loss but also maintain better lipid profiles.


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