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Suffering From Gout? Gout Foods to Avoid When Symptoms Appear


Gout is easily the worst form of arthritis and is the only one known to be caused by the foods you eat. While, this seems strange, it’s reassuring to know that with a few simple changes in the food you eat you can get your gout symptoms under control and get back to your true self quickly. Gout symptoms are similar to other arthritis symptoms in the pain in the joints, inflammation, mobility issues and sometimes fever or other symptoms caused by the inflammation. The most well known gout foods are those that come from animals and the sea. Among them are hearts, kidneys, livers, sardines, and smelt. You may be thinking, you would never eat those items and certainly don’t have them as a part of your regular diet. Well, what about bacon, veal, turkey or salmon? These are extremely common foods that you may eat weekly and are high in purines, thus causing gout symptoms.

These are certainly the foods to avoid when you are suffering from gout symptoms, but you can also change your diet to avoid having the symptoms in the first place. This is a great plan of action to avoid having the pain and mobility issues of gout and arthritis in general. If you work with your doctor and an experienced nutritionist who knows how to put together a gout resistant diet for you, you will see the benefits and make your life more livable. Gout doesn’t have to rule your life and you should always be looking for ways to make your life better and easier to live. Gout is painful and when foods are the primary cause of any medical condition, this gives hope that there is a way to find a solution fast.

Gout foods are those high in purines, and often proteins, so to get your gout symptoms under control you need to take a hard look at the symptoms you are experiencing and the foods you are eating to find out how you can cut down on the symptoms you’re experiencing by cutting down on the high purine foods you’re eating.


Source by Ethan D Orman

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