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What Percentage Of Raw Foods Should I Consume Daily?


Raw foods are rapidly becoming popular in today’s culture. People who have been accustomed to consuming cooked foods are suddenly aware of the benefits involved with consuming raw foods. Questions still remain with regards to the amount of raw foods that are necessary each day for a person to be considered healthy. Not everyone will convert to raw foods but I believe that a healthy combination of raw and cooked foods would benefit anyone.

The amount of crude foods you consume will depend on your specific goals. If you have any form of malady then it would be best to consume about ninety to one-hundred percent of your diet in raw foods. When you are sick and you consume raw foods you decrease your chances of gleaning all of the necessary nutrients that are critical for the repair and restoration of the body’s systems. Anytime a fruit or vegetable is cooked it automatically loses its’ nutritional value because heat changes the molecular structure of that food item and forces it to break down. By consuming the food raw you are not tampering with the nutrient content and the plants can perform their intended tasks.

If you are a person that considers themselves to be in a moderate state of health then you will want to consume seventy-percent raw and thirty percent cooked foods. The deciding factor of the impact of the crude foods will be which foods you decide to eat raw and which ones you decide to cook. Certain foods such as tomatoes (lycopene), mushrooms (carotenoids) and carrots (beta-carotene) are nutritionally superior when they are cooked. If you decided to cook broccoli, spinach and kale then you might not benefit as much as you wanted because these veggies are known to be very powerful in their raw states.

If you are a radical health nut and want to maintain your wellness at a supreme level then you may want to consider eating eighty percent raw and twenty percent cooked. I am aware that there are those in our society that are one-hundred percent raw and loving life. If you have the fortitude to go completely raw I would certainly encourage it. I like to keep a balance in life so I am more on the seventy-thirty side. Sometimes a good vegetable soup can be beneficial in breaking the monotony of your raw foods diet. Vegetables are vegetables so a soup will not do you any harm. Of course the soup should contain organic ingredients.


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