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Fat Burning Supplements – 6 Fat Burning Supplements That Help Burn Fats


In recent years, there has been a huge uproar on the fat burning supplements which come in the form of capsules and tablets in the market. People doubt the capacity of these pills and often, the confusion is over whether the capsules actually work or not. If your mind also has doubts regarding them, there are certain fat burning supplements for your use which are herbal and organic in nature, and are totally harmless and have no side effects. Apart from them, some other supplements are there too, but are not dangerous for all those who have immunity to it.

Green Tea: Our body contains two types of fat – Brown fat and yellow fat. Yellow fat is the layer is fat which is immediately visible beneath the skin, where as brown fat is the type which accumulates just around the skeleton, and triggers the yellow skin’s process of slowing down the metabolism rate. Green tea helps in shedding the excess fat by melting it, and also helps up in speeding the metabolism rate.

Lip tropic agents: there are certain agents which work as fat burning supplements. They accumulate around the liver and help by preventing further accumulation of fats around the liver. They also aid in weight loss by reducing body fat and controlling the cellulite.

Omega 3: Omega 3 is a fatty acid which reverses the weight gain phenomena and helps in controlling risks such as heart diseases which are caused mainly due to saturated fats. Fish cod oil, soya bean, walnut etc are all examples of food rich in omega 3. For all vegetarian brothers out there, you can try linseed oil instead of the mentioned fish cod oil, since it serves the same purpose. This is one of the newest types of fat burning supplement in the market.

7 Keto: 7 Keto is a new brand of fat burning supplement that guarantees weight loss for an individual. Newest researches have revealed astonishing results and speak highly of this supplement. It is said that they increase the levels of thyroid hormone T3 and impact it positively, thus bringing down the problem of being overweight.

Guarana: This is a fat burning supplement which works by stimulating our adrenal glands to release adrenaline. This product has some side effects, but can be avoided when water is consumed after consuming it.

Acetyl L-Carthinine: This chemical agent is a health booster and a metabolism rate catalyst, which works in the positive way.

The following fat burning supplements when taken in proper proportion can help you shed those extra pounds.


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