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Low Carbohydrate Nutrition – What They Have in Common


In the recent years, many new types of nutrition have showed up, many of which are related to a state called ketosis. In this state, your body doesn't use carbohydrates anymore as the primary source of energy, but instead it uses your own body fat, and the fats that you take with your food. The state of ketosis is usually entered by going on a so called, ketogenic type of diet, where you mostly eat food rich with proteins and fats (remember, you will burn that fat fast, so it's not a problem), but with very little or none carbohydrates. There are many ketogenic diets that can be found, either online, or from other sources, but here we will mention something that most of them have in common – nutrition with low carb content.

There are basically four different types of meals that can be prepared on these kinds of diets. Those are: meals based on cheese, meals based on eggs, meals based on fish, and meals based on meat. All four of the basic ingredients that are mentioned here have the same property – they are rich in proteins and fats, but have a low content of carbohydrates which is exactly what we want when being on a ketogenic diet or when we want to enter ketosis. Fresh cheese (quark), eggs, tuna, bacon, mayonnaise, roasted sausages, different types of omelettes – these are just some of the many things you can eat on this type of diet.

That may sound like a great diet to be on, but it isn't really easy to be on this type of diet for longer periods of time (and it is not really advisable), so it is good (and necessary, because of the vitamins, fibers, and minerals you will get from vegetables) to also include some vegetables, but only those with a low content of carbohydrates, like: cabbage, green salad (lettuce), cucumbers and other similar vegetables. Other types of vegetables, like potatoes, beans and peas should be avoided because they have a relatively high content of carbohydrates.

You may also wish to occasionally eat something sweet for a change. This may be a bit tricky, because you will have to use artificial sweeteners, but there are many products made for people with diabetes, that contain no sugar, and can thereby also be used by people that are on a ketogenic diet.


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