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Recipes for Paleo Diet


Technically, looking into Paleo diet, it seems different and unique right? But looking onto it – it just refers to going back to basics – bringing the old way of life wherein we do not depend on food processing and artificial means of production. This is the main reason why it is called Caveman or Stone Age diet.

So – what should be the inclusions of a Paleo Meal? Most of us will definitely search for food and recipes in the internet and some reference books, so we can prepare a quick and easy Paleo meal plan. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t hurt you to have one. So instead of me sharing several recipes to me, I’ll be sharing a quick overview on the needed components in a Paleo meal, so you add your creative juices and create your own in the end.

A Paleo meal should have these 4 essential components:

• High Fat, Moderate Protein, Low Carbohydrates – remember this order, then the suggested quantity. This works the same with the Protein diet. You need to consume more fat and moderate protein, while maintaining your carbohydrate level to low or very low, to promote weight loss.

• Protein, Protein, protein, is your friend. – feel free to consume animal protein – meat, poultry, pork, and even fish. This can range from their internal organs like liver, gallbladder, heart, brain, intestines, up to freshly caught fish, sashimi, and grilled types. All of these foods are definitely beneficial to you by providing the needed protein of your body and promote muscle growth and repair. Great benefits for a better you!

• Stay Away from Sugar and Dairy – these are processed foods, that are not present during the stone age, so better avoid them. Some examples, are cream, cheese, and even sugars found in drinks like artificial juices, and carbonated drinks.

• Vegetables and Fruits- Oh yes – this is allowed. You can choose from a wide range, varying from mangoes, lettuce, to banana, and even strawberries! All of these are good for your Paleo meal, and will help you boost your health. It definitely adds fiber to your diet. Just a watch out, make sure to control your fruit intake as well, not to overdose it, because, most fruits are high in sugar, and it can make your slimming process slower.

So there, you already have 4 tips to devise your own meals! The next question probably is how to prepare the foods that you want to eat? There’s really no hard rule with it. You can bake, fry, or grill your meat. You can poach apples, slice mangoes, and toss them over to other vegetables for a great salad. You can use freshly caught fish, turn on the grill, and have your own backyard party. Sashimi is also great if you have the Japanese taste for a day. There’s definitely no complicated knowledge needed- all you need to have is a dash of creativity, and a slice of encouragement that Paleo diet really works.


Source by Jessica C Bautista

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