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Signs of Diabetes in Dogs


Dogs can develop or even be born with diabetes. The onset of diabetes in dogs is very similar to the onset of diabetes in humans. A carefully calculated statistical data says that one in every fourth dog develops diabetes. Again just like humans the diabetes in dogs is getting more common. Even the symptoms of diabetes in dogs are more or less very similar to the signs of diabetes in humans.

Following are the symptoms of diabetes in dogs

  • Excessive water consumption even in the normal weather
  • Frequent urination
  • Excessive hunger
  • Rapid loss in weight without any obvious reason
  • Lack of tolerance towards exercise
  • Recurrent skin infections
  • Fragility, dryness and thinning of skin
  • Cataracts

These symptoms of diabetes onsets gradually in dogs just like humans. If ever you went to test your pet dog for diabetes, it is advisable that pet owner should use keto strips. A positive glucose test signals diabetes in canines. If the results are positive ketones must be tested with the help of keto strips. If the result shows the presence of ketones the pet owner should switch immediately his dog to vegetarian diet.

It is important the dog owners must never treat dogs by themselves. For the best results a veterinarian care is essential. However if the diabetes is diagnosed the dog owner must gather maximum knowledge. This will enable him to provide the best care to his dog.

It is important that diabetes in dogs must be treated as early as possible. Though your dog will not die soon after diagsis however the dog's eye is even more sensitive than human. There are bright chances that elevated blood sugar level even for few days might result in blindness.

Treatments for Diabetes In Dogs: The most critical component of treatment of diabetes in digs is their diet. If the high fiber diet cause your dog to control the blood sugar level you must consult doctor and ask for the best possible dog food. The dog owners must never be attracted by the term "light" labeled as they may be higher in carbohydrate content. Vet may also prescribe the dog the insulin supplements before his meal timings. Generally oral medications are not recommended to the dogs.

After the proper regulation of diet give your pet insulin injections. There are many synthetic as well as human insulin brands for the treatment of diabetes in dogs. The most common names are Vestulin and Caninsulin.


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