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Adverse Side Effects of the Pill


The birth control pill, created in the 1950s by the insane and diabolical American endocrinologist Gregory Goodwin Pincus, and approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for millions of American women in 1960, the birth control pill was the result of a medical accident, believe it or not. Pincus hooked up with Boston gynecologist John Rock, a Roman Catholic (whose faith teaches against contraceptive) who had been researching infertility, and the two began experimenting with chemical drugs to produce an oral contraceptive for women. In the midst of their experiments, a batch of synthetic progesterone was inadvertently contaminated with the pharmaceutical drug mestranol, an estrogenlike substance. The scientist discovered that the two hormones worked in tandem to block conception.

Pincus first became notorious in the 1930s, when he achieved in vitro fertilization of rabbit eggs. He later hooked up with Hudson Hoagland, also an endocrinologist, and they founded their own research facility, the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, which was financed by private and government grants, and by the drug industry. In 1951, aided by biologist Min Cheuh Chang, Pincus started testing the contraceptive value of the hormone progesterone, which was derived from the root of the Wild Yam.

The Worcester experiments attracted the attention of Margaret Sanger, America’s leading birth control advocate since the 1920s; Sanger notified her friend McCormick of the project. McCormick and G.D. Searle, the Chicago pharmaceutical firm, became Pincus’s most generous benefactors. After the accidental occurrence of the progesterone contamination with the drug mestranol, Searle began manufacturing the progesterone-estrogen compound for extensive testing and this became the drug approved by the FDA in 1960, which was the year the social engineers introduced the sexual revolution in America which has caused the degradation and degeneration of American females in American society in general, and the rampant and epidemic female reproductive disease onslaught that kills hundreds of thousands of females yearly and which causes millions of females to suffer a host of female-specific pathologies, including fibroid tumors, ovarian cysts, vaginal, uterine, cervical, and breast cancer; endometriosis, PMS, menstrual disorders and irregularities, menopause, blood clotting, and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID).

The birth control pill was marketed to females under the banner that women could now (like men, white men in particular) engage in free for all sex without having to worry about becoming pregnant. Procreational sex was exchanged for “recreational” sex, which really means “wrecking creation (God’s creation).” The one thing the sexual revolution did for American women was greatly lower their moral standards and values, and the results are very clear today with just about every gangster rap song calling females “hoes” and “bitches”, and billboards of scantily-clad and half naked females posing in the most lustful and sexually seductive ways. But to a lot of females, this is freedom. Freedom of what? Expression? Expression of what? No or low values and morals?

Well, all I can say is that “you can’t fool Mother Nature”, but a fool will try to fool her, to his/her own detriment. Even though man (the white man, social engineer) told you that your body is yours and you can do with it whatever you want (that man approves of, of course), you should know that your body (flesh) is not yours and belongs to Mother Earth (Nature). Your physical body is a loan from the Great Mother, and if you don’t stay abreast (take care) of your personal loan, Mother Nature will call in the loan, forcing you into foreclosure on YOUR body. Plain and simple!

And what is this foreclosure on the female body? Death – resulting from female reproductive area-specific diseases and pathologies.

God via Mother Nature gave females a natural form of birth control called the “rhythm method” as well as “astrobiology” and certain plants such as wild yam root. These are natural, safe and sane, and effective methods of birth control. They have no adverse side effects, unlike the pill and more modern forms and devices of birth control.

The natural method of the “rhythm method” is almost forgotten in today’s society with the dumb-downing of American females, in addition to females being busy and on the go in a fast-paced society (just like males are). Plus, since Americans don’t do well in mathematics, the “rhythm method” is more of a burden than a benefit in contrast to just popping a pill into your mouth. After all, Americans live for convenience, and by any means necessary.

Also, most American females have been cut off from their femininity and lunar essence due to adaptation into a male-dominated social order and structure, where the days of the month are based on the masculine (solar) rather than the lunar (moon). When a month has 30 days in general, you are dealing with the solar calendar. America and the Western world use a solar calendar (Gregorian calendar) to gauge time. This creates an adverse effect on females, who have a “lunar” inclination and galvanization. We find in the Bible that God has ordained and fixed the moon to gauge the seasons of the year: “He appointed the moon for seasons…” Psalms 104:19

A calendar based on the moon has 28 days, not 30 days. Twenty-eight is a feminine number, as well as a lunar number. Generally, females have a 28-day “moon” cycle. Now, when a female understands this fact and the fact that the Creator bestowed the female body with two major hormones – estrogen and progesterone, and divided these hormones into phases lasting approximately two weeks each (14 days), a female has the correct knowledge and understanding of the time and can successfully perform the “rhythm method.” But it’s hard to have rhythm when you’re out of sync with the earth’s natural rhythmic vibration, as most females (and males) today are.

A female has a two-week estrogen period where she is not prone to conception or fertilization, and a two-week progesterone period where she is very fertile and prone to conception. Progesterone means: ‘Pro’ = “for”, ‘Gester’ = “gestation”, and ‘One’ = hormone. So, progesterone is the hormone conducive to gestation or pregnancy. Estrogen refers to “Estrus”, which is defined as a periodic sexual heat of animals. As Solomon said in the Bible, there is a season and a time for everything, and this includes sex and procreation. Yes, there is a season for sex, it’s called “mating season” and occurs in the Spring season. All mammals except for the college-degreed and God-professing humans (Westerners) know this.

Knowing her hormonal periods would allow a conscious female (woman) to successfully apply the mathematical rhythm method.

Pertaining to “astrobiology” the ancients who planned the conception of Kings knew well, a woman can conceive only during a certain approximately two-hour period of each Lunar month, when the Sun and the Moon are exactly the same number of degrees apart they were at the moment of the woman’s first breath at birth – which may be discovered simply from the planetary positions (astronomically calculated) contained in any ephemeris. Without exception, a female can conceive at no other time than this approximately two-hour period, easily determined if her birth data are known. But who in the hell has time for all of this mental work? This is America! We don’t think for ourselves as good consumerist slaves. That’s somebody else’s job for which we PAY them, because we are too lazy and/or ignorant to do simple and basic things for ourselves. So for many of us, our destinies are in the hands of someone else, which is a damn shame.

So instead of all this mental calculating and tabulating, why not just conveniently pop a pill? After all, it’s convenient, right? Yes! But the real question is, is it safe? Is the birth control pill safe and are there any adverse side effects to taking the pill? Well, let’s look at it (some of the adverse side effects of the pill or oral contraceptive).

Oral contraceptives are UNSAFE DRUGS with numerous side effects which can cause: permanent infertility, high blood pressure, blood clots, strokes, heart disease, kidney failure, varicose veins, breast cancer, uterine cancer, and liver cancer. Oral contraceptives also deplete a female’s body of iron (anemia), zinc, iodine (weight fluctuation), and selenium (sex and hormonal nutrient); and not to mention, all B vitamins!

The Los Angeles Times newspaper reported five years ago that females who took birth control pills for more than ten years have an 80% chance of developing some form of female reproductive area cancer. This is scary!

Is sex worth dying for? Only an oral contraceptive junkie can answer this question.

I understand that many women/females take or took “the pill” as a remedy to keep their skin from breaking out. This is insanity! The Bible (Leviticus 17: 11) tells us that “the life of the flesh is in the blood”, so if we have a skin condition, then we have an internal blood condition and we need to cleanse and detoxify our blood, as the skin manifests the condition of the blood. Plain and simple!

Birth control pills stops the cleansing process (via the skin, which is an elimination organ) and keeps this waste matter and junk in the body, which becomes cancerous or is collected in sacks in the womb area called tumors. Tumors, ovarian or uterine, are nothing but sacks or trash bags that the body’s intelligence created as a kind and merciful gesture to save the female by collecting the waste and storing it in sacks or bags so as not to overly pollute the blood, because after all, most female’s eliminative channels are not working properly, especially their colon.

Birth control pills or oral contraceptives greatly reduce the flow time of female’s menses. But this is not healthy. Where do you think those thick, dark colored blood clots come from? Or, what do you think these dark colored blood clots are? Old, thick, coagulated menstrual discharge! This is why when a female wisely comes off “the pill” her flow is dark and heavy, which is a good thing because now she’s releasing her TOXIC WASTE, which if would have stayed in her womb chambers, would have undoubtedly developed into some form of cancer.

The risks of “the pill” undoubtedly outweigh the illusions of the benefit.

The pill or oral contraceptives (as well as all contraceptives) greatly throw off a female’s rhythmic and moon cycle, to her great detriment. This is why after a female comes off “the pill”, her cycle is very irregular and the female doesn’t have a clue of when it’s coming or going.

Birth control pills and contraceptives throw off the female glandular system by deceiving the body. In fact, birth control pills work inside a female’s body by deceiving the brain (house of God), making the body think the female is pregnant, when in reality she really isn’t. The inundation of an exogenous synthetic progesterone-like hormone (with synthetic estrogen) suppresses ovulation (releasing of fertile eggs). But as was stated earlier and infra, “you can’t fool Mother Nature.” When a woman is pregnant, her natural endogenous levels of estrogen and progesterone rise and further egg production is stopped. The hormones levels continue to rise during pregnancy, signaling the brain to stop secreting its egg-stimulating hormones. The contraceptive “pill” hormones mimic this effect and continually dupe the brain into thinking that pregnancy has occurred, thus suppressing ovulation.

So what can a female do to get off “the pill” (but still practice birth control) and to also detoxify her temple after taking “the pill” or some other kind of contraceptive (arm plants or shots)? A female can take the herb “wild yam root.” Mexican wild yam root is the best, safest and sanest, and effective natural oral or internally taken form of birth control. It is the highest natural source of bio-progesterone. Too much progesterone suppresses ovulation, even though progesterone is the hormone conducive to conception. In fact, pharmaceutical-grade oral contraceptive was first derived from wild yam root, by extracting the chief alkaloid (or constituent) called “dioscegenin”, so why not return back to the original source of birth control?

It is vitally important that a woman/female know that it takes approximately seven weeks for wild yam root’s contraceptive properties to take effect, so intimacy or sex must be abstained from during this time or the male should use a rubber (which I am not an advocate of nor am I promoting their use) if the sex drive is too high and abstinence from sex or intimacy is out of the question. A female should take seven (7) capsules of wild yam daily for the effects of this herb. If taken in extract form, 2-3 tablespoons should be taken daily. The great thing about wild yam root is, should a female decide to become pregnant, she can start the conception process the day after discontinuation of wild yam root without having to detoxify her body.

After a female comes off “the pill”, she should take “carbon” or ‘activated charcoal” (1 teaspoon in a glass of water for 30 days) in addition to the following herbs: Motherwort (for hormone balancing), Bayberry (to reduce toxic waste accumulations in the uro-genito tract), Black Cohosh (regulates hormonal production), Chaste Tree berries (hormonal balancing); Yarrow, Burdock, Dandelion, Goldenseal, Chaparral, and Red Clover tops, which all have a superb cleansing effect.

Thank you for reading and I hope you extracted some useful information from this article.

Djehuty Ma’at-Ra is an herbalist and independent researcher located in the Glendale area of Los Angeles, California, and can be reached at

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Source by Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

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