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Cottage Cheese, a Fitness Food


Cottage cheese doesn’t seem very palatable to many people. While it is runny and lumpy it’s also a great food for both weight loss and building muscle due to it’s low fat and high protein content.

Cottage cheese can be made in to recipes as a cheese and dairy substitute like in lasagna, dips, on baked potatoes and in salads. It can also be added in to an egg white omelette, whole grain pasta and low fat desserts, like cottage cheesecake.

If you like the taste (many do!) then eating cottage cheese on its own is an incredibly healthy snack. Add some yogurt for a a more a creamy taste and some fruit for a nutritious but decadent snack.

Nutritional Content

per 4 oz or 113g

Calories- 120 g

Protein- 14g


Carbohydrates- 3g

There are also low fat and no fat varieties which bring the fat down to 0-1.5g. However, be aware that sugar is added in some low fat varieties to add sweetness to the cheese.

A fantastic lifting site is I always find myself going back for the “cottage cheese shrine.” Check out the easy and delicious recipes. There is even a recipe to make your own cottage cheese from scratch! The site is geared toward women but like The Men’s Health Home Workout Bible, has valuable information for everyone.

Keep in mind that diet is always 50% of results. So eat cottage cheese for a low fat, high protein diet and reach those goals!

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