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Holistic Health And Potassium Supplements


Why would somebody supplement Potassium? Potassium is an essential ingredient to maintaining your healthy function of muscles, heart, kidneys, nerves, and the digestive system. While certain eating habits naturally will provide the potassium levels most women and men need, there are select people who need much more than what can be obtained from eating food. A potassium supplement is necessary for those who are experiencing either temporary or permanent ailments that empty their body of potassium, such as: vomiting, diarrhea, dehydration, diuretic use, kidney disease, and GI disease (gastrointestinal disease) and from having fluids sweated out from your pores (heat stroke, sweat, dehydration, diarrhea, etc.), from vomiting (the 24 hour flu, self-induced bulimia, as a result of another condition), or because of having a disease, like G.I. disease, etc. Potassium supplements commonly are seen as a mandatory measure to renew or ward off potassium deficiency.

Is there an ideal time to take your potassium supplement? The routine that is best for you is dependent on the kind of potassium you have been prescribed, as the quantity consumed and how often you take it varies greatly. Much of the time, however, potassium supplements often are prescribed 2 – 4 times per day, and it is commonly prescribed to take with food. Your friendly, neighborhood doctor can help you if you should have any question or trouble creep up regarding your supplements.

How should one properly take potassium supplements? You should always read the label of your prescription bottles for specific to that supplement, instructions. Both tablets and capsules should be taken in original form; crushing should be avoided, if possible. Of course, that won’t be an option for every one. Some people who have difficulty swallowing medicine may have an added hurdle, that is alright. Do what you have done in the past. If your supplement is in the form of a powder, liquid, granule, or fizzing tablet make sure you completely mix your potassium in water, before drinking. Using cold water can help in masking less than ideal flavor, or adding your favorite fruit juice to your glass helps make your potassium friendlier on your tongue. Whatever form your potassium supplement comes in, taking them with eight fluid ounces of water is what is most recommended.


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