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Count Your Blessings, Not Your Calories


Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful and share a meal with your family. This year, would you like to count your blessings, not you calories? Here are five simple calorie-reducing ideas that you can gobble up because the food will taste good but have reduced calories.

1. Chocolate chip cookies. Remove the yolk and use the egg whites only in your recipe. Reduce the butter measurement and lightly brown it in a pan on the stove to enhance the flavor. Cut the amount of chips in half and chop them up into smaller pieces so they spread further. Replace any sugar called for in the recipe with artificial sweetener.

2. Chip and dips. Use low-fat yogurt instead of sour cream for dip recipes. Use baked snack crackers or vegetables to dip with, not fried potato chips.

3. Pumpkin pie. Replace the traditional flaky crust with graham cracker crust. Using the tip from the first idea, reduce the butter measurement by lightly browning it on a pan on the stove to enhance the flavor and use a small amount of fat free plain yogurt or milk to moisten the crackers properly. Again, replace any sugar called for in the recipe with artificial sweetener. Prepare and serve as a pumpkin bar rather than pie. The pumpkin layer can be spread thinner and the serving sizes cut smaller.

4. Gravy. Moisten flour base with chicken or turkey broth from a can or bullion instead of the fat from the baked turkey to make the gravy.

5. Dressing. Add wild rice to the dressing recipe or just serve rice by itself. It will add texture and you will fill up fast with smaller portions.

Enjoy your traditional meal and count your blessings, not your calories. Be thankful for the fact that you will not have to lose weight after the holidays.


Source by Sheryl Matthews

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