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Fiber Reduces Fat – Pushes Crap Through – Keeps You Regular – Feelin Good


Taking fiber from a supplement causes your body to miss out on all of the other benefits of taking it naturally. And these days, it is a lot easier to get the fiber you need each day.

So you already know that fiber is really important… but you really should know the difference between the two types of fiber.

Insoluble fiber – This is the type of fiber that you are taking when you swallow down your supplements. This type of fiber moves through the digestive system at a very fast pace because… it is insoluble and can’t be digested.

Fiber is so beneficial because it pushes things through your system quicker. This helps to stop the unnecessary absorption of fats, sugars, and the such that affect your body. Think of it more or less like a big ole brick that just barrels its way through your digestive tract.

While in your body is also absorbs water… making you feel fuller.

Insoluble fiber comes from:

Prunes – high in insoluble fiber… that is why older people always eat them!

100% whole wheat – this is everywhere these days so it is easy to integrate into you diet and it also tastes great.

Beans – beans are very versatile… black beans, lima beans, pinto beans, green beans, I sound like Bubba from Forrest Gump.

Potatoes – the one healthy starch too.

Bran – cereals that have bran are some of the best sources of high quality fiber.

Those are some of the many sources.

Soluble Fiber – is digestible and usually has a lot of great nutrient benefits… vitamins, minerals, etc…

Since fiber is a carbohydrate… this is what makes a carbohydrate a complex one… you should try to also eat it when you eat carbs.

The reason I say this is… it will not produce massive glucose production which in turn will skyrocket your insulin levels… which then in turn has the affect of packing on body fat.

Because it does move through your body with such speed… it doesn’t produce the same amount of glucose and 100% whole wheat breads are even thought of to keep you slim… the germ of the wheat is packed with great nutrients.

So button line is… eat your fiber. Make sure when you purchase bread, it says 100% whole wheat, eat veggies, and etc… Just so you know… a lot of breads that say they are wheat are most likely not 100% whole wheat… they are only dyed light brown to make it look 100% whole wheat.

One last little fact about fiber… a lot of the very popular fat loss pills are nothing more than a fiber supplement.

So include complex… high fiber foods in your diet.


Source by Dan Boyle

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