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How to Cook for Health and Disease Prevention


When it comes to cooking healthful, delicious meals, cooking with whole, fresh ingredients, rather than processed and packaged food, is one of the most important aspects to remember. In addition to fresh, whole foods, buy organic whenever possible, in order to avoid toxic pesticides and genetically modified foods that are damaging to our health.

Anyone can learn to cook delicious, satisfying meals without spending a lot of time or effort. Begin simply, don’t be afraid to try new things and have fun with it! Anyone can improve their skills and learn to prepare tasty, healthful meals.

Start with simple recipes that don’t require too many steps. Try to eat at least 50% of your fruits and vegetables raw or very lightly steamed. Heating foods at high temperatures destroys many of the active enzymes in the food so there is real health benefits to eating foods raw. There are many wonderful salad, snack and even desert recipes that are all or mostly raw and you’ll be surprised to find how delicious they are!

An important process, when it comes to cooking, is the blending of flavors. A combination of salty, bitter, sweet and sour in proper balance adds zest and great flavor to your meals. A common mistake made by many home cooks is the insufficient use of herbs and spices. Always taste for flavor as you cook and don’t be afraid to try something new.

With proper preparation and great presentation, even foods that were simple to prepare can become an appealing, healthful and delicious meal. Whether this is your first time considering learning to cook for health, healing, and disease prevention, or if you are an old pro, keep in mind that new skills can be learned and familiar skills can be improved. When properly prepared, healthful food is the best tasting food on the planet!


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