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Boron Supplement – It Kills the Silent Killer


Strong bones are vital to the structure of our body. As we age, bones become weak and break. A boron supplement is an ideal nutrition supplement for ensuring strong bones to our body.

Our body produces calcium required for our health from the food we take in. Many times, we do not take in balanced food. Obviously, the calcium in the blood will be low. In such situations, blood borrows the calcium from the bones and the tissues. Once the calcium level in the blood is restored, it is again given back to the bones and the tissues. So long as this trade between the blood and the bones are in equilibrium, everything is normal. To ensure this normality, it is essential that we take balanced diet all the time so that required amount of calcium is available in our food intake.

However, the above ideal situation never happens. The required level of calcium for a person varies during his or her life time. It is not fixed all the time throughout the life. For example, the calcium required for a woman during her pregnancy will be higher than her pre and post pregnancy periods. How many of us really pay attention to such details?

This is the reason why, always in the above trade between the blood and the bones, the blood owes calcium to the bones. In fact over a period time when we grow older day by day, the liability of the blood to the bones to repay this calcium is multiplied. A point will be reached that the blood will file insolvency petition. The story is not stopped here. Since the blood is a very strong fellow, he will no more ask permission from the bones to borrow the calcium, but go to the extent of stealing. But our poor body does not know all these and is a silent spectator without realizing that ultimately it is going to perish. This process is called osteoporosis. That is why, the osteoporosis is known as the silent killer.

Now we should kill this osteoporosis. But we should be careful. We should not be aggressive. We should be watchful. So long as the blood owes a small portion of calcium for a relatively short period, we should give the overdraft facility to the blood. The moment the limit of overdraft exceeds, we should intervene.

How to intervene? Take the help of boron supplement. The boron as a trace nutrient can prevent osteoporosis by reducing calcium loss from the bones.

Again, do not go overboard to take only exclusive boron supplement. Please visit my website where you will find more information for a balanced approach.


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