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Health Benefits – Noni and Lotus


Noni is a fruit that does not have a sweet fragrance however it is known to keep away diseases like arthritis, cold, cancer, menstrual problems, malaria, sprains and wounds. These fruits are commonly found in the Hawaiian Islands. The Noni juice is commonly advertised as a ‘cure-all’ product and a magic drug. However this needs to be proved yet. Research has shown that noni strengthens the immune system and that can be the basis for preventing most disorders. This fruits antiseptic property has lead to it’s used in medicines and cancer-preventing drugs. The fruit is used in formulation of anti fungal and anti bacterial medicines. Regular intake of this fruit juice keeps you in sound health. The concentrated juice extracts of the fruit is used as oral medicine.

Lotus is a water plant. All parts of this plant, the flowers, the leaves, roots and seeds are edible and have several culinary applications. The flowers and buds are used for relieving stress and relaxation. Fresh tea made of leaves helps in bringing down acid reflux, hyperacidity, and burning sensations in the stomach. It is very helpful in the curing of gastric ulcers. Lotus helps in preventing the risk for developing cardiovascular diseases, in treating premature ejaculation and is known to be helpful in curing syphilis. Lotus seeds are protein-rich help in clearing the lungs and the throat as well as in treating common cold. Roots that is high in fiber help in improving digestion and in lowering the LDL cholesterol level. The seeds are rich in nutrients such as vitamin B, vitamin C and iron.


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