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The Health Benefits of Isolase Pro


Isolase Pro is an enzyme system, which improves the absorption of plant polyphenols including soy isoflavones. It can be found in a product called Total Balance and is part of a digestive enzyme blend.

Isolase Pro is used to increase the bioavailability of gensistein – an isoflavone with beneficial properties to human health. It would be of no benefit to those who cannot produce the enzyme to break down flavones. For this reason it is imperative for people with health problems to have a very thorough examination by their physician.

Isolase makes isoflavones have more bioavailability. It works through the entire gastrointestinal system. It also improves the breaking down of soy proteins and in making amino acids have more bioavailability. It is also very beneficial in the prevention of gas and bloating. Isolase Pro is a combination of isolase, and a blend of fungal proteases, specifically made to digest protein.

Total Balance is an all in one supplement that is manufactured by Xtend-life Natural Products of New Zealand. It contains over 70 nutrients necessary for over all body health in one capsule. Total Balance, as well as all other supplements made by Xtend-life are made under the worlds most strict standards for manufacturing dietary supplements – pharmaceutical GMP compliance. Such places adhere to the strictest regularoy environments in the world for the manufacture of nutritional supplements. This ensures the product you get has no contaminants. Recent studies have shown consumers of health products only have a 1 in 5 chance of buying a product with the actual stated ingredients. You can read more on this industry wide problem here.

Each batch of supplements produced by Xtend-life is given a COA -certificate of analysis. There is a COA on record for every single batch of supplements produced by Xtend-life. This guarantees the potency of every batch of supplements made.

Customer reports have been very favorable in regards to Xtend-life Natural Products as well as for related services. Many report feeling results from taking the supplements almost immediately. As the name indicates, the supplement is made to help balance out the body’s need for nutrients and good health.

Rather surprisingly, customers report that though their supplements are shipped out of New Zealand they have had timely deliveries and reasonable shipping costs. The next concern of consumers was what would happen if they needed to return the product for whatever reason. That too yielded a surprise. While most companies provide only a 30 to 90 day money back guarantee, Xtend-life offers a very generous one year money back guarantee with a full refund for a full year. This prevents the warranty time to be eaten up with the time it takes them to ship things back and forth. Customer service is also responsive and reasonable in the time it does take to respond to customers.

Xtend-Life very strongly urges its customers to not change their dietary or medicinal regimens without the approval of his or her physician. The reason for this is that the supplements could reduce the effectiveness of medications you may currently be taking. This is definitely a supplement worth looking into.

We personally use Total Balance for our own nutritional needs, most people recommend products without first trying them out themselves, we don’t believe in recommending anything that hasn’t benefited ourselves personally. That’s why we have been using Total Balance for ourselves and family members for 2 years now with excellent health results. We made sure the product was the best of its kind after doing countless comparisons. We started recommending the product after having taking the product for one full year.


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