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7 Easy Steps To Losing Weight


Here are 7 easy steps you can start using right now to lose weight.

Step 1: A Whole Food Supplement – Even people with great nutrition still have deficiencies in their diets, and for this reason everyone needs a whole food supplement to help their body correct itself so it functions properly. A whole food supplement will provide your body with the nutrients it need to optimum health and weight loss. There are lots of trusted name brands that you can get from your local health food vitamin center or a trusted online health food store.

Step 2: Probiotics – I'm not talking about eating yogurt with probiotics in them, this isn't going to cut it my friend. Even if you are eating the probiotic branded yogurt, it doesn't have enough probiotics, and the yogurt doesn't work in the same way as a capsule does. Everyone can benefit from taking a good probiotic. When you first start taking probiotic supplements you may experience some gas and or uncomfortable bloating, but this will only last a few days. This is because the friendly bacteria stimulates your metabolism, improves digestion and helps with internal cleansing.

Step 3: Calcium – Research shows that the majority of people are extremely deficient in calcium. Research has also shown that taking a calcium supplement isn't just good for your bones it is good for weight loss too.

Step 4: AcetyL-Carnitine – This is an amino acid that speeds up the metabolism rate and the burning of fat cells by turning fat into fuel. I first discovered this amino acid from a natural weight lifter who is also a doctor, when I first started lighting weights. It is awesome for promoting lean muscle tissue and preventing the loss of muscle tissue.

Step 5: Avoid Nitrate – You have to read labels! If you see nitrates on any food list of ingredients don't buy it. Nitrates cause hormonal imbalances, which lead to food cravings, allergies and weight gain.

Step 6: Avoid Artificial Sweeteners – You must avoid any food that contains NutraSweet, Splenda, sucrolos, Saccrin or aspartame. These artificial sweeteners are highly addictive and can cause depression and anxiety. They affect your metabolism gland the hypothalamus, by creating the ideal situation for weight gain.

Step 7: Avoid MSG-Monosodium Glutamate – We've all had MSG at some point. It's a flavor enhancer and preservative. Like artificial sweeteners it affects your hypothalamus gland, is addictive, and will cause you to gain weight rapidly.


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