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Find the Synergy of Zeaxanthin With Lutein


Zeaxanthin with lutein is an ideal combination. Both are complimentary to each other. They are carotenoid pigments. Our body cannot synthesise this nutrition. External sources are the alternative.

Lutein is in the periphery of the macula of our eyes and Zeaxanthin is in the central part of macula of our eyes. Both these pigments have the capacity to absorb the UV rays of the son. To protect our eyes and the skin from the sun rays, nature has provided lutein in the eyes and also in the skin whereas the zeaxanthin is present in the eyes only.

These pigments are an anti oxidant. Zeaxanthin with Lutin will ensure that the cells they carry do not get degenerated by oxidation but regenerated so that age related macular degeneration does not happen. If that happens then eye vision will be affected. Also cataract may affect.

Vegetables like broccoli, spinach, lettuce, tomato, potato, marigold, carrot, green peas, corn etc., have both zeaxanthin and lutein. However it will be difficult to get the required dosage from these vegetables.

The best alternative is to go in for natural nutrition supplement that has zeaxanthin with lutein. There are few reliable supplements available in the market. But beware to select the right ones.

Take 100 mg of lutein and 6 mg of zeaxanthin twice a day. This is the ideal dosage.

Daily I take a fantastic nutrition supplement that has more than 70 natural herbs and salts. It comes with an enteric coated format. Also this has zeaxanthin with lutein in an ideal proportion. This ensures total balance to my nutrition intake and also provides holistic approach to my health including eye vision. Visit my website to find out more on the eye vision.


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