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Holiday Survival Guide From Medifast


Medifast introduced its 'holiday survival guide' for the purpose of addressing the weight loss challenges encountered by Americans during the vacation. According to a survey conducted by National Institute of Health, the average American is usually gaining seven pounds during the holiday season beginning from thanks giving and ending with New Year's Day. So, to help out the people to avoid gaining weight during this period Medifast has introduced this program.

The holiday stress combined with the continuous availability of fattening foods makes the task of healthy eating more challenging during the period of holidays. Most of the Americans lay stress on the importance of appearance particularly in the holiday season. So, most of them have the wish to take up the holiday survival guide offered by Medifast in order to look great by the New year eve. This program contains healthy recipes made out of Medifast products like pumpkin pie, holiday stuffing and peppermint patty shakes and eating tips. The best thing about these weight loss products is that they are being offered to the customers with Medifast cash back offers and because of this people are able to enjoy the benefit of weight loss by spending just a small amount of money.

Apart from this, Medifast also offers 'holiday support' message board on its website, where the customers of Medifast can offer support and can share their experiences to each other during the holiday season. The holiday survival guide is offered in downloadable format and so customers can also download the guide to their computer.

The National Institute Of Health also says that a person consumes a mean of 7100 calories during a normal holiday dinner feast and makes many Americans to face the problem of difficulty in keeping their diet under control.

The 5 and 1 plan of Medifast enables people to eat one green and lean meal and five pre-packed Medifast meals and Medifast offers nearly 70 different types of foods including chili, pudding, cold and hot drinks, oatmeal, bars, soups and shakes. An average person loses a weight of around 2-5 pounds a week with Medifast weight loss program making making the person to lose nearly 20 pounds just within a month's time.

According to the Vice president of marketing of Medifast, many Americans are taking up the weight loss resolution only after gaining extra weight during the holidays. But, if people take up the Medifast weight loss program even before holidays, they will sure be able to look great during the New Year celebrations.

So, people can take up the holiday survival guide of Medifast and can make themselves prepared for the upcoming holiday celebrations and can look great during the celebrations with the help of Medifast.

Apart from the holiday survival guide, people can make use of the different weight loss plans offered by Medifast and there are proven results of people losing weight at faster pace with the products of Medifast.


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