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If you are going on a low carb eating plan, there are many from which you can choose. Some work very well and some are just like other diets though the carbs are lower. Some start you off with a bang and then the loss slows, but still continues, and some are slow and steady but take longer. Weigh your options when choosing, and if you are doing Atkins, you know that you want your body to change how it processes the foods you eat forever. In an effort to understand this, you are going to learn a lot about your body using ketosis test strips.

Ketosis is when your body has switched from burning carbs, like processed sugars, flour, and other foods that rank high on the glycemic index for energy, to using your stored and ingested fats. The Atkins diet is thought to be a high protein and no carb diet by many, but that is not the case. This is actually a fallacy. The diet uses proteins and fats with a limited amount of ‘good’ carbs that you slowly add to your diet as you go through the program. The ketosis test strips help you know you are doing the diet correctly.

If your body has switched to burning fat (both ingested and from stored body fats), you are in ketosis. This is what you want. There will be ketones in your urine, and that is what the ketosis test strips are for. They will tell you if there are any ketones in your urine, thus letting you know that you are in the fat burning stage of the diet. For some people this happens within a few days, and for some, it takes a week or so, but it will happen if you stick with the diet as described in the books written by Dr. Atkins.

When using ketosis test strips, you can tell if there is a problem with your low carb eating plan. There are times when there are hidden carbs in foods, or perhaps you have used something that has carbs but you thought it was a safe food. Most of the carbs on Atkins come from salads and certain vegetables at first, and then you add some diary, nuts, fruits, whole grains, and then some other vegetables to the diet as you go while checking to see that you are still in ketosis. You should be losing slowly but steadily the whole time. If you are not getting the right reading, you are eating something off the plan and the plan can not work if you do.

Some people try to do the Atkins diet without fully understanding what is happening and why they are eating the foods that they should be eating. Some like to go with no carbs, thinking this is the way to do the diet, but the diet will not work without eating the right ones in the right amounts each day. The ketosis test strips are just a tool to let you know that your body is burning fat as it should be, but are not the only tool you need to do the diet correctly. Make sure you read the book and do your research or you may flounder and give up on a diet that works well for many others.


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