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The Nutritional Benefits of Enzidase


Enzidase® FP is an endo/exo peptidaase complex. It is derived from a selected strain of Aspergillus orzae var, an Aspergillopeoptidase enzyme. Its ph ranges from 6 to 9 with the ideal performance occurring with a ph of 7.5.

The enzyme is used in protein for thorough hydrolysis, a chemical reaction in which a compound reacts with water, causing decomposition and the production of two or more other compounds- e.g. in the conversion of starch into glucose.

The benefits of Enzidase Using Our Supplement Of Choice

Enzidase® is an enzyme and it is also found in an all in one supplement manufactured by Xtend-life Natural Products. Xtend life is based in New Zealand. Xtend-life makes a variety of supplements, but its main product is the all in one supplement used by ourselves called Total Balance.

Total Balance comes in three different formulas, one for men, one for women, and a unisex formula. Approximately 70 very strong and necessary nutrients are contained within the one capsule, including the benefits of enzidase, the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, potent herbs, amino acids, enzymes, and other important nutrients. As its name says, it has most of the nutrients necessary for the health of the entire body.

Total Balance and other supplements made by Xtend-life are manufactured under the world’s strictest standards for the manufacturing of dietary supplements – pharmaceutical GMP compliance. They also have on record certificates of analysis COA’s for every batch of supplements that is produced by them.

To Get the true Benefits of Enzidase

To understand the importance of purchasing health supplements that comply with the above standards, we suggest you take a few moments to read this article here. By purchasing from places that adhere to the above standards, you rule out the problems discussed in the article. Consumers should be aware that the article discussed is an industry wide problem and people need to be made aware of the issue.

Customers do report being very satisfied with the results they were getting from taking either Total Balance, or other Xtend-life supplements. Even though the supplements are shipped from New Zealand, delivery has been said to be timely. Shipping costs were reasonable also.

Most companies offer only a 30 to 90 day money back guarantee on supplements, and if they are shipped, much of this time is taken up in the amount of time it takes to arrive to you. Xtend-life offers you a very generous money guarantee of one full year, with a full refund – no questions asked policy.


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