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Acai Berry For Seniors & the Older For Lots of Health Benefits


There are numerous reasons why Acai berry is for seniors and the older. Recognized as one of the most nutritious foods in the world, this superfruit is highly recommended for the aged because for this group of people, they are the most vulnerable to a lot of illnesses that Acai berry can be of better cure. Because senior citizens mostly have high cholesterol and high blood pressure, these superfruits gives them antioxidants to help them fight these heart diseases and allows better blood circulation in their bodies. With increased flow of blood in their bodies, they can have a better health that will result in reduced cholesterol and low blood pressure as well.

They are for grandfather and grandmother because it helps prevent and even stop brain aging in diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, among others. They will also enhance their memory and concentration as well as reducing risks of macular degeneration so that they will not be blind when they grow older. In line with this, they will definitely help the aged to fight other eye diseases such as cataracts that are common to this age group.

Another health benefit of acai berry for seniors is because of its component cisplatin, their joints and bones will be stronger and healthier reducing their chances of developing osteoporosis common to old people as well as other bone fractures. They actually promotes smooth joint and bone movements that are essential to these fragile people. Lastly, they are good for aged 50, 60 or over that, because it protects not only their hearts or eyes or bones, but also their skins from further aging as it contains essential vitamins and minerals that prevents inflammation causing aging and wrinkles to be more visible onto their faces.


Source by Faviano Torres

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