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If You Want to Maintain Good Health Add Turmeric to Your Diet


How many of you enjoy Indian food? I know many people that do but for the most part many people I meet don’t seem to enjoy it because they don’t like the curries and various spices that go into Indian food. I got into eating Indian food a couple of years ago and didn’t realize until two months ago that their are health benefits in many ingredients in Indian cuisine such as Turmeric. It is known that India has a lower cancer rate than the United States and many other “westernized” countries in the world. Many experts claim the reason is because of the spices that they use in their cooking as well as the kinds of meals that eat in general. While I don’t dive into what kinds of foods Indians eat in this article I focus on the most important ingredient that regularly cook with….Turmeric.

After doing some research I have found many sources that state that Turmeric has the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory properties of any spice in the world. It has been used over for 2,500 years in India and has been a natural healer for most of this time (it was a dye when it was first discovered).

When mixed with vegetables, Turmeric has been shown to prevent prostate cancer and stop the growth of existing prostate cancers. It has also shown to prevent breast cancer in mice in laboratory studies. On top of that it may prevent melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer and cause already existing melanoma’s to commit suicide. Because of its strong anti-inflammatory properties it is also believed that Turmeric can slow the progression of cancer throughout someone’s entire body since cancer cells thrive in areas of the body that are inflamed. More research is being conducted in regards to how Turmeric reduces the risk and slows the progression of other cancers throughout the body such as pancreatic cancer and lung cancer.

There are many other benefits to adding Turmeric to your diet such as detoxifying your liver, slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease by removing plaque buildup in the brain, and being a natural painkiller. There is also evidence that it may aid in fat metabolism.

I add Turmeric in my salads, tuna fish, and vegetables regularly to get the health benefits of Turmeric. Keep in mind that if you choose to add Turmeric to your diet you should mix it with black pepper because research has shown that our bodies have a difficult time processing it on its own and that black pepper helps our body digest it.


Source by Ronald Cheli

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