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The Benefits of Juice Cleansing


Juice cleansing is basically a way of detoxifying the body with the help of certain fruit juices having nutritional values. The true benefits of juice cleansing are in the experiences of considerable metabolic changes occurring in our body and taking our mental, emotional and spiritual awareness to another level. This applies to every individual irrespective of their lifestyle habits, be it healthy or unhealthy. It also sets the mind through a self-reflecting process and brings ourselves to a new stage, which is positivism.

Many people opting for juice cleansing have noticed remarkable changes in their way of life. Re-engergization is experienced by many who fast as well. For some, the bodily functions were allowed to rest as well as rejuvenate. This allows an improvement in their health, skin, vitality and sharpness. This is caused due to the occurring metabolic changes.

Juice cleansing also helps in reducing the caloric intake to the extent where our liver converts the stored glycogen into glucose and to energy. Our central nervous system and our brain make proper use of this glucose directly. Proteins further breaks down effectively.

As the stored amount of glycogen reduces, the proteins tend to breakdown into amino acids and can be used as a source of energy. Fats stored in the body, including fatty acids and tissue fats are all utilized as energy and this is achieved by converting the ketines that helps the body in preventing loss of protein.

The primary benefit of juice cleansing over water cleansing and other methods of cleansing is in the fact that juice cleansing has the ability of preventing ketosis, which means disrupted metabolism of carbohydrates as a result of chronic starvation. (Please not that ketosis can be used effectively in other low carbohydrate diets but that is not the point of discussion here). This can be prevented by supplying the body with simple carbohydrates continuously that can be used by the body for providing nutrition and energy to the cells. Also, juice cleansing can enhance the body’s process of toxin elimination by breaking down the chemicals stored or circulating within the body. This gives our body a chance to eliminate the wastes as the cells are naturally restored.

Juice cleansing is beneficial for our liver as well, which is the primary organ that carries out the process of detoxification and regenerates our overall health condition. The essential nutrients allow the natural detox programs, such as the kidney, colon, lungs and blood to purge out all the unwanted wastes and toxins from our system efficiently.

A point that must be considered is that during the process of juice fasting or any other detoxification process when toxins are released and come out of the body many people see an increase in the smell of their perspiration, the urine and stool would have a stronger odor and possibly bad breath. Pimples might all break out on the skin as the impurities try to release through the skin. Increased flatulence can be another symptom. However, these are all good signs and it actually indicates that the body is thoroughly detoxified and that the detox organs are functioning properly. Besides these, juice cleansing allows:

– Complete body purification

– Rejuvenation

– Resting of the digestive organs

– Drug detoxification

– Healthier skin

– Peaceful sleep

– Reduced allergic reactions

– Mental clarity

– Anti-aging effects

– Sharper mind and memory


Source by Bianca Worsley

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