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What Can I Expect When I Start Medifast?


I get a lot of questions about the Medifast diet which I think are meant to determine what life is truly going to be like once you begin the program. Many of the questions are asked on an almost daily basis. It seems like most people want to know the same types of things about life on this diet. So, in the following article, I’m going to answer some of the questions that I’m most commonly asked. Keep in mind that these answers really are based on my own opinion and experience. You could certainly disagree or have a different experience, but my goal is to just give you a general idea of what you might expect when beginning or starting Medifast.

How Hard Of A Diet Is Medifast?: Many times, when people ask me questions about this diet, it’s as if they are bracing themselves for a very difficult or unsavory experience. They’re afraid that the food is going to taste horrible, that they won’t like anything on the menu, or that they’ll be starving or ravenously hungry all of the time.

In my experience, the diet wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating. Actually, I found some of the foods to be downright good. And because you have to eat every couple of hours, you’re often not going to be as hungry as you may have feared. That’s not to say that the diet isn’t somewhat of an adjustment. It is. For me, I had to get used to eating so often and having my meals made and planned for me. But over a short amount of time, I actually came to like this because I don’t embrace cooking all that much and not having to make a lot of decisions freed me up to focus on other things and left less room for my own error.

How Hard Is It To Prepare The Medifast Meals And To Eat So Often?: Actually, I very much like the ease of having your meals prepackaged. For foods like the bars and the chips, all you really have to do is just rip off the packaging and eat. Some of the meals (like the shakes, soups, and the brownies) requires just a little bit of preparation. But if you can work a blender or microwave, you’re generally out the door and eating in only a very few minutes.

Also, what some people don’t realize is that you can make almost all of the foods ahead of time if you need to. People do this all of the time and it generally doesn’t alter the taste too much (although I do usually add more water to my pre made shakes if they’ve sat for a while.)

How Hungry Am I Going To Be On Medifast?: I’m not going to tell you that from day one, you’re always going to feel full. This wouldn’t be true and you wouldn’t believe me anyway. When you go from consuming your normal amount of calories to consuming around 1,000 calories, there is bound to be an adjustment. And this is how weight loss is possible. But, I truly wasn’t as hungry as I thought I might be. They have you eating very regularly, so usually by the time I got hungry, it was time to eat again.

That’s not to say that the small meals totally filled me up at first, but the adjustment period was shorter than I thought it might be. Now, if I see a large meal, it just looks excessive to me rather than alluring. I become full much faster. Also, remember that you have your large lean and green meal (which you make yourself) to look forward to each day. This is a larger meal and I find that this helps to fill those hunger gaps.

What About Ketosis? Am I Going To Feel Awful Once I Hit Ketosis On Medifast? If you’ve been researching this diet, you likely know that one of the goals is ketosis because this is when your body hits it’s stride and begins burning fat. So, while you want for this to happen, you may also wonder how it’s going to make you feel. I worried that I’d feel jittery and irritable. But frankly, I felt better once I hit ketosis than I did before I hit it. (You can see when you’ve hit by using ketone strips.)

Many people had told me that I’d know I’d reached ketosis when I stopped feeling so hungry and having cravings. They also said I should notice a surge in energy. I suppose all of these things were true. But it wasn’t like I was ravenously hungry to begin with. And typically, when I had been on diets in the past, I craved sweets, but this diet gives you access to sweets so this wasn’t as big of a problem for me. Generally my cravings are going to be for sweets rather than fats, so I was pretty much covered.

With all of this said, it’s generally recommended that you don’t go overboard with exercise when you’re just starting on ketosis. Your body is going to be working hard and it’s not a bad idea to ease into this. Generally speaking, my first days and weeks on Medifast wasn’t as bad or as negative as I thought. I adjusted quickly and once I began seeing results, things just become that much more easy because I knew that I had something to continue to look forward to.


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