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Cooking Does Affect the Quality of Omega Fish Oils


Did you know, however, that the way you cook this fish will actually have a big effect on the Omega iii that is contained in the food? Actually, this beneficial fatty acid is polyunsaturated oil, and these oils are easily affected by outside sources like heat, air, and light. Prolonged exposure to these outside elements causes the fatty acid to oxidize and lose much of its benefit. In fact, oxidized foods can do damage to the body by destroying free radicals or electrons.

The American Heart Association recently released a study that showed how these cooking methods actually affect the fish. Fish that is boiled or baked retains its health benefits. Fish that is fried or dried loses a great amount of its nutrition, and some studies have shown, can actually cause unhealthy effects. The study was performed on 186,000 adults, breaking them into groups consuming different levels of Omega 3 fish oil.

Some of the facts that came from this research include the following. Adults who consume at least 3.3 grams of Omega fish oils daily saw a substantial drop in cholesterol and chances of cardiac disease. The study also showed that those who consumed dried fish had a higher chance of cardiac disease. This study brings about a good number of conclusions about how to cook fish to maintain its health benefits.

Alternative methods of gaining the acids would be through an Omega 3 fish oil pills. If you choose these omega fish supplements, they must be stored properly in a cool, dark, dry place so that they too can maintain their health benefits.


Source by Albert John Simpson

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