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Core Balance Diet Reviews – Pros and Cons of Marcelle Pick’s Book


The Core Balance Diet is a weight loss book by Marcelle Pick that achieved a degree of success. One of the founders of the first women-centric clinic in the US she knows how to work with women to improve their health and nutrition.

In the diet, you can eat 6 meals each day and the emphasis is on good and fresh food. The calorie ratio should 30% fats, 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates. The book tries to help you return to a core balance in your body by eliminating 6 imbalances the Marcelle Pick identifies which may cause you to gain weight or be unable to shed it away.

While this book certainly has merit, it is not without its faults as well. So, in this article I want to explore the pros and cons of the Core Balance Diet so that you’ll know whether or not it is for you.


  • Advocates eating healthy food and making good nutritional choices.
  • Doesn’t have one rigid plan but can be used to create personalized meal plans.
  • Offers a selection meal plans and recipes you can use.
  • The Core Balance diet works for vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters alike.
  • Does provide information on emotional condition and its effect on fat loss.


  • This program does require meal planning which can become a hassle and may not fit with the character of each and every person.
  • Advocates taking supplement that can add to the cost of the program.
  • Works mainly for women so men should seek other solutions.


Source by John Davenport

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