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Omega 3 – The Healthy Fat


Getting your omega 3 through supplements is one of the alternatives that I think is possibly the best. In this manner you are sure how much you are consuming per day and not just guessing did I eat sufficient tuna today, or how much more do I need to consume to make sure I had enough. I myself take 3 Gel tabs of flax seed oil per day with my meals. It makes me feel confident. You won’t find omega 3 in overly processed foods like potato chips, bread, lunch meats, mayo, many of the foods we eat daily. It is found in tuna and salmon. Two foods that can be fixed ahead as a sandwich spread to be eaten later when the cravings start.

Most people living in the US do not get enough omega 3 fatty acids in their diet. The result is a lot of conditions that may not have occurred had they been taking omega 3 supplements. Many people in the US suffer from depression and are on pills like Prozac, even kids take Ritalin and we drink coffee to energize ourselves to get out of bed.

Omega 3 is the healthy fat. Not the fat that the doctors advise us to avoid, but the fat we should be consuming. A fat that can enable you to live a longer and a healthier life. It helps to cut your risk of heart attacks, blood disorders, revitalize your reproductive system, control blood pressure, repair your cells, and ward off infections. Getting sufficient omega 3 can help prevent depression, give you more energy, ward off diabetes, help you maintain a healthier weight as you don’t feel as hungry, and keep your immune system in good condition to ward off disease. The list is just too long to include all the benefits.

Some of the main food items which contain omega 3 are: flax seed oil, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, tuna, halibut, salmon, canola oil, soy bean oil, and virgin olive oil. It is also found in cold water fatty fish like tuna, salmon and halibut. Some dark leafy vegetables too contain omega 3, but it is not found in corn.

It would be a wise decision for you if instead of potato or corn chips, you include nuts or seeds in your shopping list, that are rich in omega 3. But you are advised not to overeat the nuts, they are rather fattening, and the ones most favor, the cashews are not a good source of omega 3. Over eating anything is never a good idea. Eating too many raw seeds could cause gastrointestinal problems and diarrhoea. One needs to be smart and eat a diet that is balanced in nutrients.

I fully agree with you that when you’re young, potato chips appear more tempting than seeds or nuts. You can have both, just don’t over do either. Right now it is the prefect time to start adding the advantages of omega 3 fatty acids to your diet. You should not wait till the time you develop an illness and run around looking for ways to cure it or make it less painful.

If you have already crossed the old age then be sure to start adding omega 3 to your diet today. Don’t delay it any longer. We all need this so much and I want everyone to live a long healthy life. Retirement should be full of joyful moments, not trips to the doctor and emergency rooms.

Take care of yourself, take Omega 3!


Source by Sandy Sachs

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