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Fasta Pasta: Reviewing the Pasta Boat


Do you live in a dormitory or are you just tired of slaving over the range day in and day out? Whether you want great pasta at home or on the go your struggle is about to come to a screeching halt. Pasta Boat by Cathy Mitchell might just be the trick you and I have been looking for to solve our quick pasta needs. The Pasta Boat can do 5 jobs in one device by cooking, serving, storing and draining pasta without any added hassles. This is great because you can impress them at work with fresh pasta instead of reheated left overs!

As far as ease of use was concerned all I had to do to get started with this easy pasta maker was put in the pasta and add water leaving the cooking to the microwave! After the sound of the microwave goes off you just have to add the sauce and whatever else you want to add to the mix and bango you got awesome pasta. My kids love making a mess with spaghetti but not when it sticks to them from me over cooking the noodles. When you overcook the noodles it loses its starchy properties and then you get terrible sticky messes. I know what you are thinking another plastic container to save the day but never get the time of day it should. Why is Pasta Boat different from anything else? The perfect temperature is delivered in the microwave making the Pasta Boat the ultimate solution to your problems. It was amazing to me that the ease of use on the Pasta Boat and the variety of things you can make in it like pleasant-tasting Penne, Rigatoni, Macaroni, Shells and more efficiently and effortless. I’m not the smartest when it comes to getting my hands burned from touching the hot handles of pots but consider it a thing of the past with the Pasta Boat stay cool handles. So at this point you might be asking if you can make veggies in what I believe is the best pasta maker. Well the awesome thing about this As Seen on TV Product is that you can add the steam rack and enjoy healthy vegetables and tender steamed potatoes.

This As Seen on TV Item is loaded with goodies. When I got this thing out of the package it came with a bunch of good things such as 2 strainer lids, 4 measuring handles, 2 steam racks, 2 fast and easy recipe books (you didn’t think they would let you go it alone did you?) and 1 food chopper (in case you do not have the Slap Chop)

Overall I feel that the ease of use the amount of items you get and the vast amount of things that you can make with it makes the value of the Pasta Boat that much better.


Source by David Rosales

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