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Are You Desperate to Become Slim Again After Pregnancy?


It is extremely common for a new mom to find herself over-weight after having her baby, and one of the most popular internet searches for weight loss is in fact 'How Do I Get Slim Again After Pregnancy?'

It's kind of different to the usual cry for help to become slim because it is one of those 'unavoidable' consequences and not really self inflicted at all. No body would ever say to a soon to be mom 'stop eating so much' because it is all part and parcel of being pregnant. A healthy appetite is good for the mom and also good for the baby and so if the result means adding on a few stone then so be it.

The problem arises once the baby has been born and in losing those extra pounds to become nice and slim again. Clearly, life becomes more hectic for a new mom and although this increase in activity will burn off a certain amount of excess weight there are other factors involved, such as poor diet (just eating what you can) and poor routine (just eating when you can) that work against weight loss.

So what can help a new mom to become slim again after a pregnancy?

Well we have already mentioned trying to get into a regular eating routine and diet, so try not to snack too much, but if you do try and keep healthy snacks to hand, such as fruit and nuts or salad and wheat crackers. Do your best not to resort to the easy option of indulging in fast foods.

You can also try and replace any sugary drinks such as juices and sodas with water or flavored water. This can make a massive difference because avoiding high levels of sugar is a must!

Finally you can try and find a small slot, even 15-20 minutes per day to do some light exercise such as sit up to just try and regain some tone. Toning your body again also makes you look slim again. There are other simple ways to increase exercise such as walking to the local store with baby in a buggy or maybe carrying baby in a sling occasionally.


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