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Being Bullied For Being Different


Everyone gets picked on at some time in their life about something from someone. It could be that as a child your hair looked funny after you dyed it purple, or maybe your parents could not afford shoes and you were made fun of because you were wearing some shoes that were not in style at the time. It does happen and when it does, it hurts. The fact is that children as well as some adults can be harsh to other people.

When I hear a story about a child or an adult being bullied, it brings back memories, not good memories, but long lasting memories regardless. I was overweight as a child and for most of my adult life. Being bullied or made fun of was something that I personally went through and it was tough. The pain of being made fun of is not welcomed, but you do learn how to deal with it, simply put, you make fun of yourself before someone else makes fun of you first. If you ever hear someone make fun of their own appearance or some other attribute, you can almost rest assured that they have pain inside of themselves, if not at the very moment, sometime in their past.

Being bullied or made fun of is what I call, the hidden pain scar. It creates a scar for life. You never forget it and most importantly, it always remains. Oh, you may have overcome the specific attribute that caused you to be made fun of, but that scar still remains. If that scar, or memory, is ever touched, the pain starts all over again. It is a pain that you want to forget, but you can't. As adults, we learn to live with it, but as children or teenagers, it can be much more difficult for them. Whenever I hear about a teen death, I wonder what their scar really looked like inside that caused them to feel that the pain would never leave them. I wish so badly that they would have been able to see that even though the scar would remain for life, they would someday be able to ignore it to the point of being able to still live a happy life. If and when you ever hear someone being bullied or made fun of, stop that from happening. Be strong and remember that the scar inside of you is not what you would want for anyone else. We can all help others by being sensitive and support others. I remember one time I was on a bus and one teenager was crying. I turned and asked why he was crying and the person beside him said an older girl behind him was making fun of his clothes. I immediately addressed the issue with the girl. It made the young boy realize that an adult did approve of his self worth and hopefully, it caused the other teenager to understand that bullying others is wrong. I do not know if the person who was doing the bullying ever bullied others or not, but if she did, I hope someone stood up and defended the person who was being bullied.

Regardless if someone is being bullied because of their weight or not, which seems to be the big thing anymore, please understand that they have feelings and instead of you being the next person to make fun of them, become the next encourager to them. It will make you both feel good about yourselves.


Source by Jay Hatfield

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