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How Do Women Lose Stomach Fat After Giving Birth?


Here I will show you exactly how women lose stomach fat after giving birth . There are a few myths surrounding this that I will clear up and show you how to lose that baby belly and excess fat easily. Let me explain:

When you have just had a baby, obviously you can't go straight out and hit the gym like a freak.

Odds are that recently you have been quite docile and haven't done too much exercise (being 9 months pregnant is no time for doing sprints).

You will want to ease your way back into exercise and eating a healthy diet.

Start off by just taking walks at night or early in the morning – you can walk at any time I just find it is a lot more enjoyable walking at night or early morning catching sunrise or sunset.

Here is a special tip though:

Baby belly fat is only slightly different to normal fat.

The fact is, most of it isn't fat, just water.

As soon as you get back into exercising and eating a clean, healthy diet of mostly vegetables, lean meats such as chicken, sirloin steak, fish and turkey, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans etc, you will lose that belly very fast.

SO don't panic – it won't stick around forever.

The only way it will stick around forever is that you will let your habits slip.

You may wonder why so many women start to get overweight after they have a baby – this is why:

Their habits get lazy

They say things like:

  • I have a child so I don't have time to exercise (Who says you can't do exercise in your lounge while your baby is sleeping)
  • I can't afford to eat right because I have a baby (Vegetables and lean meats are just as cheap as anything else)

If you want to stay in shape you will – don't let your body go to pieces just because you had a child. Don't be one of those girls.

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