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Weight Loss – Stop Expecting Miracles and Start Making Gradual Changes


Those of us who have excess weight want so much to return to the days of that ideal weight we had as a teenager or young adult. As the years go by, many of us accumulate weight in the wrong places such as the abdomen or thighs. Do not stress yourself by expecting miracles. Healthy weight loss does not materialize over night.

Miracle Diet Plans Are Not Reality

Regardless of how much or little weight you want to lose, do not make the mistake of thinking you can lose all that weight the minute you decide to get back in shape. Weight loss is no easy undertaking. There are no plans that offer immediate results, no matter what weight loss solutions you choose. The same way it took time to accumulate the weight, it will take time to lose it.

Switch Unhealthy Habits For Good Ones

Losing your excess weight permanently will require you to change your unhealthy habits into good habits, which takes time. Do not attempt to change everything overnight. It is very difficult to change too many habits at the same time. When you take this route, you will easily become overwhelmed and return to old habits that got you where you are, which is overweight.

The first step to changing these bad habits is to be conscious of them. A good idea is to write them down so you can see then change them. For instance, do you snack while watching television or have a soft drink, ice cream or other unhealthy treat whenever you have the craving? Do you load up on unhealthy snacks when you go grocery shopping?

The point is to access your own habits and write reasonable alternatives to these habits that will promote healthy weight loss.

Gradual Changes Are The Secret to Reaching Your Desirable Weight

Go slow when you start because gradual changes are the secret to reaching your desirable weight. For example, instead of completely eliminating sugar, reduce the amount of sugar you consume by half. You will find that after a couple of weeks, your taste will adjust to the lesser amount. At that point, you can make further reductions.

Another example is to walk up two or three flights instead of attempting five. When your body adjusts, add more flights. If you are diligent, this should also take a couple of weeks when you take this route every day.

Patience and Perseverance Deliver Results

Getting the results you want by making small changes can eventually turn into the miracle results you thought would come with the ideal weight loss plan. Take the advice of experts on good food choices and exercise regimens. Make a commitment to changing the areas that need changing, just do it slowly and at your own pace.

The results will come with diligence.


Source by Carolyn Williams

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