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Which Is The Healthiest Meat We Can Eat?


Not all types of meat displays the same benefits, while not all animal food is of the same quality. Regarding the variety of choices, it can definitely be said that every category has its own unique taste and special properties. Generally meat can be divided in two categories: white and red. White meat, encompassing chicken, turkey, fish is usually considered lean meat; whereas, on average red meat serves for more protein and fat rich sources.

Poultry is well known for its content of iron, zinc and vitamin B12. Moreover, chicken and turkey are two of the fatless meats and, therefore recommended in most weight loss or illness recovery diets. Likewise seafood and especially fish are light food sources. Salt water fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acid, which modern medicine considers being largely beneficial for the optimal heart function.

Red meat largely varies per type. Beef is valued greatly for its content of mono-saturated fat (similar to the fat found in fish and olive oil) which lowers down the bad cholesterol (LDL)and increases the level of the good one (HDL), while improving the circulation of blood and the functioning of the nervous system. Lamb and mutton are widely considered unhealthy meat because of the numerous fatty acids it contains, yet out of this range, many are beneficial for us.

Although prohibited by some religions (like Judaism and Islam), pork is extensively eaten all around the world. Whether cooked (roast), cured (in processed products like ham, sausages) or smoked (bacon, gammon), pork is generally considered one of the tastiest and most affordable meat types. Still, though affluent in proteins, pork can also be harmful when used excessively (as it increases LDL levels, adds to body fat, hindering body oxygenation). All in all, for making the most of the benefits that animal food sources provide and, also for enjoying the most of your meals, it is preferable to diversify your intake of meat.

Of primary significance is the supply of meat. Naturally fed and raised animal provide a greatly better source of vitamins, minerals and proteins than those from factory farming. The poultry, cattle, pigs, lambs, etc grown in boxes, on artificial light and food, nursed with antibiotics and growing hormones do not only denote an inhumane practice in treating inferior beings, but foremost hazardous food resources for men. Therefore, do not buy your meat from the closest grocery store, but choose carefully your butcher. If you don’t already have one, you can always trust in the quality and time honored methods of butchers online for enjoying the wonderful taste of first class meat, while benefiting from all its real nutrients.


Source by Paul James Harrison

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