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Comparing Resveratrol and Red Grape Juice – Which Supplement is Better in Improving the Heart?


As people often hear about and realize how antioxidants are vital to one’s health, drinking red grape juice and taking Resveratrol supplement are becoming popular choices. However, which is better among the two?

Resveratrol, an antioxidant compound, occurs in the vines, roots, seeds, and stalks of certain fruits and vegetables, such as mulberries, carrots, broccoli, and peanuts. It also found with high concentrations in the skins of red grapes. Most researchers believe, although some studies are still being conducted, that this particular source of antioxidant can give numerous health benefits, such as prevention of blood clotting, protection of collagen and elastin in the skin, enhancement of blood flow, and weight loss. It also has great potential in reducing the risk of blood vessel, heart, and liver diseases and certain cancers.

While red grapes are rich with this antioxidant, experts also recommend drinking adequate amounts of its juice or wine to obtain the same health benefits. In relation to the famous French Paradox – why the French people have lower incidence of heart disease in spite of an extremely high-fat diet – most studies view that drinking red wine is a possible explanation. However, because wines have a certain level of alcohol content, moderation in drinking is still required. And that makes red grape juice a better choice than wine, as you can drink as much as you can without becoming intoxicated.

Nevertheless, both juice and wine concentrations contain ample amounts of sugar, which with excess intake may increase the cholesterol level in the body. Aside from that, some commercial grape juices and wines are not as pure as homemade; therefore you always have to be very careful when choosing the right brand. Better yet, consider pure Resveratrol extracts and capsules as your daily supplement for your heart health and overall wellness.


Source by Faviano Torres

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