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Seize the Herb – Miracles in Alternative Medicine With Moringa


Moringa and miracles, sweet dreams are made of these. It is said that herbs are the friends of the physician, and the pride of the healing gods. A tree with 90+nutrients, precious and celebrated in folklore, needs to be potentially tapped by millions of people struggling for the perfect discovery. This powerhouse of nutrition encapsulated with extraordinary support for the human body-mind must be fully revealed and investigated. Already it is known as a nutritional support to the poor, under nourished populations of India and Africa. Of late the herb, leaf and bark of the Moringa Oleifera tree have been researched for ultrastructural properties of work on fungus, toxins, parasites and cancers.

Trees in forests exhibit qualities that can rapidly inhibit plant fungus and insects that destroy it. They contain molecules, enzymes and peptides that are activated when facing death, threat or extinction. They are life supporting structures in forests to maintain the environment, clean out pollutants, reinforce their own cell life and accelerate self-regulatory, balancing properties for their ripe existence. Moringa is such a powerful tree.

Moringa is an essential supplement with chlorophyll, five times more than Spirulina and Wheatgrass. Chlorophyll is called the blood of the plant, and gives life to the plant cell in sunlight, accelerating growth and life. Modern scientists extract chlorophyll and use it in injections or topical ointments in conjunction with focussed light therapy. This is known as photo dynamic therapy. It is a solution to reduce and evaporate tumors or malignant cancers, even internally. In 2014, Jung IL reported a tumor suppressor activity in mammalian cells treated with cold water-soluble extract of Moringa oleifera leaves. Subsequent research has shown that ingredients in Moringa aqueous leaf inhibit the growth of lethal fast spreading cancer cells in breast and colorectal cancers of Saudi Arabian women. MicroRNAs (miRNAs), which are noncoding small RNAs regulating gene expression are possibly active after human ingestion for restoration to normalcy. Pharmaceutical management of this herb for anti cancer therapy, chemotherapy support, or even cancer prevention is a likely possibility for future alternative medicine and natural nutrition.

The power through many of its properties and ingredients to restore DNA and gene expression, makes Moringa possible for treating Alzheimer’s, systemic conditions, diabetes, asthma, skin disorders, brain disorders, anemia, arthritis, fungal and bacterial infestations.

Very interesting observation of this herb is in its use in inflammation. Experts in alternative medicine insist that inflammation is the root cause of all evils. Studies involving histological analysis of the lungs have shown that the extract reduced the number of leukocytes, cured asthma and its related allergies. The anti-inflammatory properties of the aqueous Moringa leaf in medicine was confirmed using an in vivo model of acute inflammation; reduction in leukocyte migration, myeloperoxidas activity and the levels of TNF-α and IL-1β were noted. These and subsequent scientific findings clearly indicate that the herbs contribution in nutrition and health will be to support liver function, detoxification, lymphatic drainage, sugar control (eliminating weight due to low sugar tolerance), and consequently build immunity. Enzymes that support thyroid function contribute to weight loss and boosting of metabolism. Many birds are captured with one stone.

With its high amino acid profile, added with vitamins, it is a suitable vegetarian alternative to sports protein supplements. Amino acid proteins in Moringa provide the user with a good physical frame, elastic skin and refined complexion. It improves the natural glutiathone levels in the body, removing darkness, heavy metals and toxins that are deeply embedded in fat stores.

Better yet is Moringa is cheap, and available as tablets, tea or cosmetic oils.

Why delay. The time is Now. Seize the herb.

Natural wellness has the way.


Source by Malini Chaudhri

Phentermine Alternative Diet Pills


Phentermine is now illegal to order online. So why is America's most popular diet pill in the black? Well for starters, we've got some bags, envelopes, Indian businessmen, old white doctors with Mexican housekeepers, concrete filled pills, and New Yorkers.

Now, you might be wondering what on earth hispanic housekeepers have to do with Phentermine. Get ready, because I'm about to drop a bomb.

On January 2nd, 2007, Congress said it was 100-percent illegal to get a Phentermine prescription online without an in-person, face-to-face consultation with your doctor. So that basically rules out … hmm … every online pharmacy that has ever sold Phentermine.

Here are two choices:

1. Get ripped off. First you could order Phentermine from a generic pharmacy site based in India or Panama (but they pretend to be in the US), and then get ripped off when they send you fake pills full of concrete dust or a placebo. That's too bad – in June 2006 you could have gotten your prescription online with an official stamp of approval from a housekeeper.

2. Find an alternative . Play it smart and look into Phentermine alternative diet pills. I have affiliate relationships with many companies who say their pills are the best, but in my experience (yes I have actually tried it) only Phentramin provided good hunger suppression. Of course it doesn't work for every single person who uses it, but I'd say about 98% of customers get results.

So, is Phentramin everything you need to lose weight and keep it off? Nope. In fact, any diet pill by itself can only help you lose weight temporarily. But there is hope. See, with a phentermine alternative that suppresses your hunger, you'll have no trouble improving your diet. Without cravings, it will be easy to change your habits.


Source by Ian Mason

White Chocolate Alternative


Not only have I had success with using carob chips and powder to appease my husband’s allergy to chocolate, but I’ve also enjoyed substituting yogurt chips for recipes calling for white chocolate chips. By U.S. law white chocolate must contain at least twenty percent cocoa butter. So if you are allergic to chocolate, you can’t eat white chocolate, either.

Even if you aren’t allergic to chocolate why substitute yogurt chips for white chocolate? After all yogurt chips do have more calories than white chocolate chips. Yogurt chips also have less than half the saturated fat. For most people it is easier to burn sugar or calories from carbohydrates than to burn off stored fat calories.

Not to say that a cookie, which is the food most commonly containing chips, is healthy, since almost all of them have some combination of butter, sugar and flour. But you can lessen the harm this little comfort food creates by reading the ingredients in a recipe and making a few health conscious substitutions.

Yogurt chips combine very well with nut based cookie recipes. They are especially good with cashews, walnuts and macadamia nuts. And yes, you are right. Nuts have a lot of calories and a lot of fat. But they are good (monounsaturated) fats that reduce cholesterol and add a lot of flavor, especially if roasted before adding to a cookie recipe. They also add texture and contain lots of vitamins and protein.

What’s nice about adding yogurt or other chips to a cookie recipe is that it adds that extra bit of sweetness that we seem to crave in our desserts. By baking your own cookies you have the choice of using less chips than what is called for in a recipe. Fewer chips will not change the chemistry or outcome of the cookie.

Perhaps one of my favorite cookie combination’s using yogurt chips is with maple extract. Is there any flavor quite as enticing as the smell of maple? Another favorite is mixing cranberries with yogurt chips. This is a great combination for a biscotti, which takes a little more time, but is not difficult.

So next time you reach for white chocolate chips or are looking for a substitute, consider trying yogurt chips instead and use less. Or add them to a recipe that calls for a frosting and forget the frosting. You’ll get the same amount of sweetness, but with less effort and less fat.


Source by Linda Murdock

Best Phentermine Alternative Diet Pills – Phen375 Reviews


Nowadays, many people have put on a lot of extra weight. As a result more and more weight loss products are being introduced in the market with each passing day. Every product promises you weight loss, but there are hardly any of them living up to the promise. Either they do not help or those products which help are unhealthy to use. It therefore becomes important to look for products that help you reduce weight in the right way.

How Does It Work?
Phen375 supplements are one of those wonder drugs that help to regulate the metabolism and appetite of the body in such a way that you lose weight through a weight management process.

It is a new formulation that has been invented by experts. It provides the body with a number of compounds that improve the body energy levels. It improves the metabolism rate, which requires a lot of energy and thus burns away all the extra calories present in the body. The weight gain process takes place between in between the intake of food and burning of the calories.

Phen375 works on both the ends- it utilizes the calories for the ingestion process and also burns away the calories, thus burning away the fat and mass from your body. The advantage of this product is that it has been clinically researched and tested and proven to have no side effects upon usage. Thus, your body is safe from all harm.

This weight loss remedy is not only effective, but also has an efficient online support system that is at your disposal right from the start till you get the desired results. It is a pharmacy strength diet which not only reduces your appetite, but also maintains the high energy levels so that you are able to burn off the unnecessary calories accumulated in your body.

It is a well known medical fact that without burning off calories, there is no way of losing even the slightest of weight. The Phen375 is designed in such a way that the high rate of metabolism is maintained so that what is eaten is sufficiently utilized. You can lose about 25 pounds in just about 6 weeks. Inspite of the fact that the results vary from one individual to another; you can expect this result on an average if you follow this plan on a regular basis.

This weight loss supplement must not be taken as a substitute for any professional medical recommendation. It is advisable to contact and consult your health physician before you start with any exercise regimen or dietary supplement for the first time. Once you are on this diet, you are bound to discover the inner you. Phen375 is your only constant support. Your success is their only aim. You will also receive a "Customer Satisfaction Guarantee" that makes sure that there is significant decrease in your weight. The customer service is available online and is ever ready to solve all your queries and problems with regard to Phen375 and its ordering process. Considering its benefits, it's worth the price and try.


Source by Stewart C

The Mind-Muscle Diet – A New Alternative To Low Carb Fad Diets



In an age where low-carb diets are more popular than exercise as a quick solution for losing weight, the true facts about such diets as The Atkins Diet and The South Beach diet leave little hope for members of the Health and Fitness community. The truth is that all low-carb “fad” diets cater to individuals who hardly ever work out and lead a predominantly sedentary lifestyle. The question is then, since these people don’t exercise, how do they lose weight?


The physiology behind the popular low-carb diets is the substitution of fat for carbs for energy. When providing the body with just protein and fat, the body will burn the fat first for energy, since there are no carbs and use the protein for muscle function and recovery. And if the all energy stores are used, the body will burn muscle protein, but this still relates to weight loss. For the avid health and fitness enthusiast, losing muscle protein and water is the last thing we want. That is why the Mind-Muscle Diet is considered the true fat loss diet; it preserves muscle while burning fat.



The secret behind the Mind-Muscle Diet is the cyclical process of cycling carbs. Consuming carbohydrates as part of your diet causes a spike in insulin in your pancreas. This hormone is used to store glycogen and amino acids in the muscles, with all excess calories being stored in adipose cells as fat. Cutting carbs from your diet releases hormones instead of storing them and your body will then look for another source of energy. When the liver runs out of glycogen stores, it starts to produce “ketones”, which are by-products of fatty acids. This condition is called Ketosis. When you reach Ketosis, you know your body is burning dietary fat and body fat as energy, and using the dietary protein for muscle repair. During fat metabolism, protein cannot be converted into free-fatty acids for energy, creating a true ‘protein-sparing’ environment.

Consumption of the right proportion of protein to fat is important. You will need to eat at least one gram per pound of lean mass (Bodyweight*Body fat %). You need to eat fat to burn fat, so the rest of the diet is dietary fat. Normally a 500 calorie deficit from the maintenance calorie level is sufficient.


200 lb dieter

20% fat

160 lb Lean Body Mass

Maintenance Calories: 3000 cal (15 x 200lbs))

Fat Loss Calories: 2500 cal (3000-500)

Protein Requirements: 160 g (160 lbs x1 g/BW), 640 calories (160g x 4 cal/g for protein)

Fat Requirements: 1860 cal (2500 fat loss cal -640 protein cal), 206 g fat (1860 cal/9 cal/g fat)

For extended periods of dieting, it is necessary to cut calories as body weight decreases. Make sure you cut fat calories and not protein calories in this case.


Since health and fitness enthusiasts are active people, they will be burning muscle glycogen during workouts. This is the difference between the Mind-Muscle diet and the fad diets. We cannot simply exhaust all our energy stores without having to refill them again. The body will burn muscle protein then and we don’t want that. During the carb load ‘phase’ the dieter will eat 10-12 grams of carbs per kilogram of bodyweight. Protein will be kept at 1 g per lb bodyweight and fat will be at or below 1 g per KG bodyweight. Eating carbs in this 24-30 hour interval will increase insulin levels which will store amino acids and glycogen into the muscles, while also using the protein for rebuilding and using the fat for energy! The type of fat consumed should be unsaturated and at 9 calories per gram, although it is claimed that essential fatty acids increase insulin sensitivity within the muscle cells, increasing glycogen intake even more.


Bodyweight (KG) = 73 KG (200 lbs/2.2(lbs/KG))

Carb Requirements =730 g (73 KG x 10)

Protein Requirements = 160 g

Fat Requirements= 73 g


The cyclical process of the Mind-Muscle Diet lasts one week starting on Sunday and going until Saturday

o (200 lb Dieter, 3000 cal maintenance)

Monday – Friday Afternoon – Low Carb Day

o Consume fat and protein all day, except post-workout where it will just be protein (fat will slow down absorption)

o 160 g Protein (640 cal)

o 206 g Fat (1860 cal)

Friday Afternoon to Saturday at Midnight – Carb Load

o Eat high glycemic carbs two hours before your workout for absorption and energy

o Eat Carbs and Protein with minimal fat

o 730 g Carbs (2920 cal)

o 160 g Protein (640 cal)

o 73 g Fat (657 cal)


The Mind-Muscle Diet is the Atkins Diet for active people. This diet allows the follower to work smarter, not harder and cut fat while preserving muscle. Although during carb up, you can essentially eat whatever you want, the low carb diet does have its challenges though. For the first 2 weeks, cravings for carbohydrates are intense, thus energy will decrease and other physiological conditions will surface. Most as such, are indicators that you have reached Ketosis. Bad breath is a sign of ketosis, but you can also check your urine using urinalysis strips for the presence of Ketones. Lethargy and cravings come with lack of carbohydrates fuel, but after two to three weeks, carb cravings decrease. As always, listen to you body and carb up if you feel totally energy depleted. Give this diet 6 weeks and watch what it can do for you!


Source by Jeff Harding

Seizures in Children – Alternative Therapies For Epilepsy


There are many children for whom epilepsy medications like Lamictal, Depakote, and Zarotin are ineffective in controlling or even reducing seizures. These drugs, especially in combination, can also cause unpredictable and serious side-effects.

Many parents have instead turned to alternative therapies for seizure management. Because ketones seem to have an anti-convulsive effect, one of the most promising and least invasive alternative treatments for seizures has been the ketogenic diet.

Ancient Greek physicians discovered that fasting reduced seizures. At the turn of the 20th century, scientists began to study fasting as a treatment for epilepsy. Researchers found that the ketogenic effect of a 24-hour fast could be continued and maintained with a high-fat diet that included adequate protein and low carbohydrates.

During a 24-hour fast, all carbohydrate and sugar glucose that normally fuels the body is depleted. Fasting forces the body to burn stored fat as fuel for the body instead. This creates a state of ketosis. Ketones, a by-product of fat, are believed to be anti-convulsive in nature. Ketones are an effective and normal source of bodily energy produced by the liver from fatty acids.

In 1994 John Freeman, MD, published The Epilepsy Diet Treatment: An Introduction To The Ketogenic Diet. Ketogenic meals are 80% fat. This forces the body to burn dietary fat for energy and maintains the anti-convulsive state of ketosis.

With careful and proper monitoring ,, the ketogenic diet has been found to reduce seizures in two-thirds, and eliminate seizures in one-third, of all children for whom anti-epileptic drugs are ineffective. The ketogenic diet is a strict diet that can be very challenging to manage and maintain.

At Johns Hopkins Children's Center, Eric Kossoff, MD, studied the effects of a modified version of the ketogenic diet, now called the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures His findings were published in Epilepsia in 2004. The modified diet required no initial fast and had no calorie or fluid restrictions. It allowed for unlimited protein, more carbohydrates, and didn't demand the strict portion measuring and weighing procedures practiced in the ketogenic diet.

Dr. Kossoff's research was prompted by the fact that some children remained seizure-free after discontinuing the ketogenic diet. He was also intrigued by the finding that, when the ketogenic diet was practiced less restrictively, it was still as effective at controlling seizures. One mom started her child on the Atkins diet to prepare him for the more restrictive ketogenic diet. She found that her child's seizures disappeared after three days, before the ketogenic diet had even begun.

The Modified Atkins Diet is rich in foods like butter, peanut butter, mayonnaise, oils, cheese, bacon, eggs, hamburger, and whipped cream. The diet doesn't cause children to become overweight, and overweight children often lose weight. Daily supplements are necessary to replace vitamins that are missing in the diet.

Although there are considerably fewer side effects than with drugs, the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures can cause dehydration, constipation and, occasionally, kidney and gall stone complications. Side effects can also develop in children who are unable to digest large amounts of fat. As with all treatments, initial evaluation and careful monitoring by parents, a neurologist, and a nutritionist are all mandatory.

Researchers don't know exactly how ketones reduce and eliminate seizures, or why the diet works for some children and not others. Researchers are especially interested in why some children remain seizure-free after discontinuing the diet. Further research is needed, since the Modified Atkins Diet has only been used since 2004.

We do know that the Modified Atkins Diet for Seizures is as effective, less restrictive, and far easier than the ketogenic diet. It's an inexpensive alternative treatment option with few side effects that often works when all else has failed.


Source by Michael J Koski

Type 2 Diabetes – Alternative Therapies: Can They Help You?


Many Type 2 diabetics like to follow a more natural route for treating their disease. While there are many alternate methods of treatment available, they are not miracle workers. These can, however, give very favorable results, as long as they are practiced in a sensible and open-minded manner.

It is true deficiencies of certain vitamins and minerals may contribute to insulin resistance, and targeted nutritional supplements are a powerful therapy for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes.

Vitamins and supplements have becoming increasingly popular for treating various diseases. There are numerous herbs and natural supplements that have been utilized for thousands of years. Some of them have built quite an extensive track record of combating Type 2 diabetes. The problem is these are not a cure-all for the disease. Taking them does not negate the responsibility that diabetes management bestows on an individual.

It’s like the obese individual who eats a cheeseburger, fries and a diet coke. One area of focus does not overcome the other areas of abuse. Supplements are meant as an addition to maintaining a healthy body weight and a regular exercise program.

The great thing about supplements are they do not generally cause side effects, unlike many prescribed drugs. But there is always the possibility an individual may have some sort of reaction to a natural herb, as some people are allergic to certain supplements. Supplements, like prescribed drugs, affect different people in different ways. That’s why it is always best to consult with your doctor before including any supplements in your routine.

Some individuals have experienced some relief through biofeedback. This is a technique that trains the brain to place an emphasis on relaxation and controlling your body’s levels of stress. Stress creates a myriad of complications for the person with Type 2 diabetes.

Another form of this therapy is called guided imagery. Used as another relaxation technique, it assists your body in controlling diabetes by focusing on peaceful images and thoughts. Not only does this help to reduce stress levels, but it also prevents bouts of impulse eating due to stress or anxiety.

Acupuncture has proved to be quite beneficial for many diabetics. The science behind this therapy is that it opens up blocked paths of energy within your body. This allows your body’s natural energy to flow to tissue, muscles, and major organs, as it is intended.

When these paths become blocked from stress, poor health or lack of exercise, it resembles a kinked water hose. These paths are necessary to transport vitamins, nutrients, blood, oxygen, and in this case, sugar to the appropriate areas. A blockage means that an area is not receiving what it desperately needs.


Source by Beverleigh H Piepers