Bazi Drink With Jujube – A Sports Nutrition Breakthrough


World class athletes in all sports are always on the lookout for the “tool” to provide them a way to triumph over rivals. Increasing numbers of them are now relying on the Bazi drink to fill the need. Why Bazi? Premier athletes demand the most powerful and innovative coaching systems and exercise regimens to stay at the very peak of their game. Smart ones also seek out needed nutrition and supplementation to give them the ability to perform at their best. To answer this growing market, a wide variety of companies have invented a wide variety of nutritional products, supplements, and sports drinks. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, energy drinks, you name it – there’s no end to the products which promise to legally boost an athlete’s energy by keeping his or her body in supreme working condition. But few of them can compare to the Bazi drink when it comes to benefits delivered.

Now, don’t misunderstand–there are a ton of good products in existence, and many of them can have real benefits. Proper nutrition is required for peak athletic performance. Lacking the supply of the proper nutrients, the body is unable to work at maximum efficiency, and it can’t recuperate as quickly from the stress that a physically taxing workout or athletic performance puts on an someone’s system. And many of these products will meet a single specific need. Unfortunately, few of them can help in many different areas. And the athlete or health conscious individual winds up forking over quite a bit of money and taking a huge amount of assorted supplements in order to get the required vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. But not with Bazi.

It’s a unique formula specifically created to be a total supplement. What is Bazi? Bazi is a Chinese term meaning “eight characters”. The Chinese word was picked to reflect the fact that the Bazi drink has an interactive formulation of eight of the fruits that nutritionists are most interested in these days – Jujube Fruit, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Goji Berry, Mangosteen, Raspberry, Acai, and Seabuckthorn. These are referred to as the Super Fruits because they are so rich in the nutrients and antioxidants that we are lacking in. Every one of these foods is so healthy, and has so many benefits for the body, that they each deserve their own article. Even alone, just one of these fruits can have powerful effects on someone’s wellness and vitality. Mixing every one of the eight Super Fruits combined complete in one formula, Bazi is supercharged with the antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that everyday people and sports competitors need the most, and in an exact blend.

With the Bazi , someone can experience the exact same benefits (and much more) that they could get with taking many assorted tablets and drinks, in a simple one ounce serving every day. A small one ounce serving of Bazi is all someone needs to help them to perform at his or her best. That’s the reason more than three hundred and fifty premier athletes, like World Series Most Valuable Player Curt Schilling, take Bazi. Expense isn’t a factor with these elite athletes -they can purchase the very best in sports nutrition no matter the cost, and they still prefer the affordable Bazi. If you’re searching for that competitive edge, or simply desire to enjoy the best well being you can, listen to the ones who know – premier athletes. Choose Bazi!


Source by Gene Stewart

Why Should Gym-Goers Drink Probiotics?


I don’t know how many of you know this, but there are many gym goers around the globe, who drink probiotics almost every day. There are several brands that have introduced such drinks, especially for those, who know how good ‘friendly bacteria’ are for the ones who consume them.

If you are a gym-goer, you must consume healthy ‘yeast’ regularly, so that you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. It allows you to go to gym, every day! – I hope you know that healthy bacteria allow you to stay away from minor illnesses. Since you don’t fall ill often, you can go to gym often. If you are someone, who has always been going through cold, cough and fever, you are bound to skip your regular workouts. Start with the consumption of probiotics and see the difference in your body.
  2. It helps in keeping you maintained – Research states that probiotics make you lose weight. In fact, if you are someone, who has lost weight, you can maintain it easily with the help of good bacteria. All you need to do is drink it either after your workout or before it. But the consumption needs to be regular to get fruitful results.
  3. There are no side-effects, unless you consume it way too much – Just because good bacteria is ‘good enough’ for your body doesn’t mean that you are supposed to drink too much of it. If you want to enjoy the benefits without getting hampered by the side-effects, have only one small bottle of probiotics.
  4. It keeps you away from acidity – The biggest enemy of a gym-goer is acidity; if someone is acidic, he can’t exercise the way he wants to. He can’t even increase the consumption of protein. On the other hand, if you drink probiotics every day, you kick off acidity and eat all the protein-containing foodstuffs, like eggs, potatoes, etc., that you really want to.
  5. It acts like a supplement – Most of the gym-goers like probiotics because they act as supplements to maintain the perfect body-weight that they want to. Good bacteria are all that your body needs to help it function the way it should.

If you think only adults can drink probiotics, you are absolutely wrong. No doubt you can’t give such drinks to toddlers or infants, but you can always give it to the ‘young adults.’ It helps in improving their digestive system and keeps them strong enough with an improved and balanced immunity system.


Source by Bhairavi Sharma

What Moms Should Eat And Drink When They Are Breastfeeding


Nursing a baby is an important activity that can strengthen the bond between an infant and his or her mother. But aside from helping babies and their moms develop an emotional connection, breastfeeding also ensures that an infant is getting all the nutrient he or she needs every day.

Breastfeeding moms, therefore, have to be aware of the big responsibility they have to ensure the wellbeing of their babies. This is particularly important if their baby is not eating solid food or drinking formula milk yet. All the nutrients that a baby needs to grow and develop healthily will come from his or her mother's breast milk.

To make sure that babies are getting the right kind and amount of nutrients they need from breast milk, nursing moms have to be a bit particular about everything that they eat or drink. Below are some recommended food, beverages, and supplements that breastfeeding moms should consume to ensure that their babies are getting the right kind of nutrients as well:

• Dairy food products. Nursing moms should consume more milk, cheese, eggs, and yogurt since they are high in calcium and are great sources of protein.

• Foods rich in protein. Protein is an important nutrient both nursing moms and babies should have. Aside from dairy products, breastfeeding mothers need to consume lean meat and chicken, fish, soya foods, nuts, and seeds, and pulses. Health experts also recommend that nursing moms consume at least two portions of fish a week.

• Foods rich in iron and calcium. Lentils, cereals, whole-grain products, peas, dried fruits, and dark leafy green vegetables are good sources of iron. Eat foods rich in iron and vitamin C so that your body can absorb iron easily.

• Foods rich in fiber. After giving birth, some women may have bowel problems and constipation. Fiber can help them overcome these issues. Fruits and vegetables wholemeal bread and pasta, breakfast cereals, rice, pulses, beans and lentil are all rich in fiber so increase your intake of these types of foods.

• Fluids. Always have a drink beside you whenever you have to breastfeed. This helps you keep from being dehydrated. Aside from water, skimmed or semi-skimmed milk are also highly recommended.

• Supplements. Lastly, your doctor will likely recommend a daily vitamin B-12 supplement. Vitamin B-12 is crucial for your baby's brain development. You and your baby also need vitamin D. Infants need vitamin D to absorb calcium and phosphorus and to avoid rickets – a condition that softens and weakens their bones.

Read more tips on breastfeeding shared by lactation consultants here .


Source by Edmer G Brown

Vitamin Water – A Health Drink That Enhances the Benefits of Drinking Water or Silly Sales Gimmick?


Many people drink vitamin water and believe they are consuming a health drink, but that’s like believing cotton candy is good, fat free food. Let’s look at the small print on a bottle of vitamin water. The flavor we’ll investigate for this article is kiwi-strawberry, which the label suggests will improve your “focus”.

The first thing we notice about the ingredients is that there is not one mention of kiwi or strawberry, only “natural flavor”, which could be anything from sugar to MSG. In fact, on a bottle of supposed kiwi-strawberry “nutrient enhanced water beverage” the label states that this health drink contains less than 1% fruit juice. What is really in this vitamin water and is it a health drink? Upon closer inspection we see that it is really a bottle filled with distilled, de-ionized water, sugar, isolated vitamins and minerals.

One nutrition fact to note on the label of the vitamin water is that each bottle contains 2.5 servings. This is where the amount of sugar can be deceiving because the label reveals only 13g of sugar, but that’s per serving. Multiply 13g times 2.5 servings and you’ve got a whopping 32.5 grams of sugar in each bottle of vitamin water, that’s more than most sodas. You see, the first ingredient listed on the label, after the dead, de-mineralized water, is crystalline fructose, which might best be described as liquid cotton candy. That’s what this bottle of pink vitamin water tasted like-liquid cotton candy, only with less flavor and more of a chemical aftertaste. I could only handle a few sips before beginning to clearly “focus” on how very bad this product is, and how sneaky the manufacturer is to make it look like a health drink.

Now, let’s take a good look at the “vitamins” that are in this “nutrient enhanced beverage” of kiwi-strawberry vitamin water. According to the label, each serving contains 10% of your daily requirements for Vitamins A, B3, B6, B12, and B5 and a hefty 40% of your daily allowance of Vitamin C. The problem is that these “vitamins” are not attached to any whole food like strawberries or kiwis.

Remember, those whole foods were missing from the ingredients. Therefore, the live enzymes needed to help your body absorb the vitamins into your cells are not there. It is a nutrition fact that whole foods like fruits and vegetables contain live enzymes, which act as catalysts for vitamins and minerals to work in your cells. Without those whole food properties, isolated vitamins are not easily absorbed by the body and are more than likely eliminated in the toilet. So, how many of those vitamins in the vitamin water are actually being put into use by the body? Probably about as many as you could get from eating cotton candy.

If you really want good tasting health drink formulas that truly enhance the benefits of drinking water, then you need to search the Internet. There are some excellent all natural health drink formulas that contain live enzymes, real whole food vitamins, and more nutrients than you could ever get from a case of vitamin water, but you won’t find those superior health drink products at the convenience store. You have to look past the sales gimmicks, read labels carefully, learn about live enzymes, whole foods, and how the body absorbs nutrients. You can find all of this information on the net. If you are serious about your health and fitness and want something more than a gimmick, search the web. Look for nutrition facts about whole foods, all natural foods and health drink products to truly enhance the benefits of drinking water, or anything else you are putting in your body.


Source by Cliff Smith

Stay Healthy With Green Drink Recipes


Most diets you come across claiming to help you lose weight, fight fatigue and lower your blood pH will inevitably have you removing food from your diet. This is what people typically think of when starting a new diet and to be honest, it’s what scares most people away. We hate not being able to eat the foods we love! Well, I’m sick of doing things the hard way and you should be too.

This approach has you adding things to your diet instead of taking away and will leave you healthier than ever. By utilizing green drink recipes, we can easily do this. Adding a healthy green smoothie or drink to your diet will have a profound impact on how you structure your meals. This is how it works:

  • Add a green drink or smoothie to at least one meal a day (breakfast is probably the best choice).
  • Drink it before you eat the rest of your meal.

What does this do?

Since green drinks and smoothies consist of very pure, nutritious ingredients like leafy greens, fresh fruit and fresh vegetable or fruit juices, this is a fantastic way to consume all your necessary vitamins and minerals without having to resort to a multivitamin.

It also allows you to eat less “junk food” because your stomach will be satiated from the nutritious green drink and you won’t have enough room for a giant meal afterwards. This is great for people who have a problem with overeating.

How will this help you lose weight? Simple, you’re eating less junk food and more low calorie nutritious food.

How will this help you fight fatigue? By adding a fresh green drink to your diet, your body is getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs to operate at full capacity.

How will this lower your blood pH? Green leafy vegetables are extremely alkaline and eating alkaline foods will lower your blood pH which helps remedy all sorts of dis-eases.

Soon, your body will start to crave food that is of higher nutritious quality and because of that, you will naturally start to eat better, lose weight, and be healthier overall.

Here’s a recipe you can try out:

6 strawberries

1 cup pomegranate seeds

1 apple

1 stalk of celery

1 peach

1 handful of red grapes

1 handful of fresh spinach

1 banana

1 cup water

Just toss everything into a blender and blend until your desired consistency. Enjoy!


Source by Jason Manheim