Pros and Cons of Keto Diet

Pros and Cons of Keto Diet

Nowadays, there are so many different diet trends popping up that it can be hard to keep track of what’s good and bad. And you’ll likely find mixed reviews; while some experts tout the benefits, others shine a spotlight on what’s bad.
Still, humans are curious by nature — it…

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Detox Weight Loss Supplements – The Pros And Cons of Taking A Supplement To Lose Weight


Several health professionals have discovered a relationship between weight gain and toxin overload. The reason is because a significant build up of toxin in the body prevents the proper functioning of the liver to eliminate toxins and metabolize fats. When the body's liver is not working properly, the other systems like digestive and cardiovascular system are also badly affected. Because of this malfunction, the body will not be able to take in the harmful toxins and these toxins accumulate in our body resulting in weight gain. To prevent this from happening, people are advised to go on a colon cleanse or detox diet.

A colon cleanse is applied to help remove excessive, accumulated waste stored in body fat cells or waste such as undigested meals or other substances left in the digestive tract. Taking laxatives, forcing to remove waste in an unnatural approach, or improper colon cleansing methods will make you ill and will not help you cleanse or remove excess pounds. Colon cleansing includes a healthy diet plan that consists of fresh fruits, whole grains, natural proteins (lean meats, poultry, eggs, beans, seeds, nuts, sprouts), and legumes.

On the other hand, a detox diet helps remove these toxins through urine or waste. There are different detox diet programs and some of these include taking detox supplements for weight loss. Doing exercises to sweat out is also recommended since toxins are also released by way of perspiration.

A big question that people ask is whether detox weight loss supplements work or not. Detox weight loss supplements contain antioxidants and other active ingredients that work more than to help you to lose weight, but also boost your metabolism and improve your immune system for you to stay healthy. These detox supplements for weight loss make you feel more energized and healthier by removing the toxins from your body and improve the health of your digestive system. This is a huge factor in losing weight because it helps you absorb more nutrients from your foods and makes you feel fuller thus suppressing your cravings to eat more.

Your weight loss goals will determine the effectiveness of several detox weight loss supplements. Oftentimes, the main reason why people use a detox or colon-cleanse is to lose weight and improve the digestive system's functions. If losing weight is your main goal, you should choose the detox pill you are going to take very carefully. Most of these detox weight loss supplements claim to help you lose weight, but usually they are referring to water weight which oftentimes comes back quickly.

For you to lose weight and keep it off, you need to know several common ingredients among detox pills and metabolism boosters. Choosing a product that contains ingredients that work as diuretics can effectively help remove toxins out of the body but fail to reduce some excess body weight. So look for a detox diet pill that offers more than the average product. Find a product that has some good ingredients like ChromeMate, Phase 2, Super CitriMax, Forslean, and Fucoxanthin to eliminate toxins from your system and helps reduce weight.
Check out the amounts of each ingredient contained in detox weight loss supplements to be sure you are getting what you need for the product to be effective in your weight loss goal. Several of these detox pills contain patented ingredients which are clinically proven to be effective but if they are not in the right amounts you will not get the results you expect when it comes to weight loss.

There are generally 3 key ingredients in detox weight loss supplements and they are:

  1. Fiber – This ingredient plays an important role in eliminating toxins from the body. When dissolved in water, soluble fiber becomes a thick gel that infuses toxins and attaches them to fatty acids, which are later on eliminated during digestion. Fiber which cannot be digested or insoluble fiber improves bowel movements by accelerating the removal of toxins from the body.
  2. Vitamin C – also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C have detoxifying benefits by thinning and decongesting the bile, improving the liver's ability of breaking down fats. Vitamin C can also help suppress appetite and boosts the production of glutathione, which is the vital ingredient needed by the liver for its detoxification function. Studies have shown that Vitamin C deficiency is one of the factors that cause people to gain abdominal fat.
  3. Probiotics – these are good bacteria found in the digestive tract that helps in breaking down toxins. These good bacteria, however, can be diminished by the different foods and chemicals that the body takes in. There are probiotic pills and supplements that you can take to maintain a balance of good and bad bacteria inside your body and which can also be very helpful in losing weight.

Advantages of Detox Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss is just one of the many benefits of taking detox diet supplements or pills. Detox pills help you get slimmer since there is a significant reduction in water weight. It improves the functioning of the digestive system and the liver, helping you get more nutrients from the foods you eat. There is also noticeable acne reduction and surface wrinkles removal. Above all these benefits, your health will greatly improve while you still lose weight.

Disadvantages of Detox Weight Loss Supplements

  1. Detox diet program is not recommended for pregnant women and to people who have been diagnosed with cancer or other health issues.
  2. A number of detox weight loss supplements may cause unpleasant side effects associated with cleansing. These side effects are only temporary signs that the cleansing process is effectively working and toxins are being removed from your system.
  3. Fiber supplements might interfere with other medications such as aspirins and can also lower blood sugar levels. High dosage of vitamin C and probiotics, on the other hand, might trigger upset stomach or gas and diarrhea.

Side Effects of Detox Cleansing

  1. Change in bowel movements – people might experience frequent bowel movements, loose stools, or bowel movements just stop. This is because toxins are being released into the bloodstream making the kidneys and bowels to excrete too much waste from the body. This is a very important part of the cleansing process although it can be quite inconvenient for most people.
  2. Headaches – the 2nd most common side effect in detox cleansing and, depending on the toxin level of the body, can range from mild to severe and which may last from a few hours to a couple of days. Dehydration or hunger might have triggered the headaches so it is important to continue drinking plenty of fluids during the detoxification, especially drinks high in electrolytes to relieve the headaches.
  3. Sore muscles and stiff joints – already signs that the body needs a detox and are exaggerated by the release of toxins from the body during the detox cleansing. Drinking water is very important during this process and taking digestive enzymes like bromelain to relieve the muscle and joints inflammation. Joint pains will decrease after the detox cleanse and the body will once more become lithe and mobile.
  4. Changes in sleep patterns – which include mild insomnia, nightmares, and irritability. These happen as a result of toxins being released into the bloodstream. It is recommended to take supplements like 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) to help regulate the hormones that affect sleep and mood changes. Again, these side effects are temporary and will be back to normal after the cleansing is done.

The above-mentioned side effects make most people question the safety of detox diet. Whether it is safe or not depends on how long you are going to use the detox plan. Some health experts do not recommend colon cleanses because they can change the body's fluid balance and electrolyte. Prolonged fasting can sometimes lead to more serious health issues and nutrient deficiencies like calcium and protein.


Weigh loss can have certain difficulties and changes you have to go through before you can actually reach your desired results. One particular method of living a healthy life while shedding off excess pounds and which is gaining popularity these days is the detox weight loss supplements. A large number of people usually start their diet plan with a detox pill to help them prepare their body with the weight loss process and at the same time improve the chances of getting the necessary nutrients they need from the foods they eat. These supplements help remove harmful toxins from their body, especially in the liver, kidneys, and digestive tract, through detoxification and colon cleansing. In general, most of these detox weight loss supplements are effective in helping people lose weight and in improving their overall health. These supplements contain antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients to enhance their immune system and give them a healthier body.


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Pros & Cons of the Weight Loss Product, Alli Capsules


The Alli capsules work in the digestive system and helps keep some of the fat consumed in the system and prevents it from getting absorbed. So, you do get better results taking the Alli Capsules that just from dieting alone according to clinical research. The alli capsules provides both a “carrot and stick approach” to help those that have the will reform their lifestyle to result in weight loss. The carrot is alli’s effect on fat absorption in the body. The Alli capsules are the first of their kind to be sold without prescription. It’s an innovative weight loss program that works with you, not for you.

The alli capsules are said to inhibit one fourth of the fat you ingest from absorbing into your body therefore allowing your body to rid itself of the fat instead of holding on to it. The Alli capsules are the first of their kind to be sold without prescription

Weight loss and diet pills are filling up drugstore shelves, and the newest brand to reach the top ranks is Alli, a drug that was recently available by prescription only. This over-the-counter weight loss aid works as a powerful fat blocking agent, but does have side effects. Weight loss with Alli is relatively easy. All you need to do is take the pill with your meal. Weight Loss Management is a serious health issue in America and the opinions on how to control the weight differ. What’s certain is its importance and consistent control for good health.

Orlistat has an extensive clinical history and has been studied in more than 100 controlled clinical trials . Additionally, orlistat has been used in more than 25 million patient treatments in 145 countries worldwide. Orlistat experience in more than 25 million patient treatments and more than 100 clinical studies with more than 30,000 patients is unprecedented for a weight loss drug. One of these studies was the four-year landmark XENDOS trial conducted by its manufacturer, Roche.

Orlistat works by preventing the absorption of some of the fat you eat. The fat passes out of your body so you may have bowel changes. Orlistat is also the active ingredient in the branded prescription diet medication, Xenical. Alli has half the dosage of orlistat than Xenical, due to this reduced quantity of the active ingredient Alli has been considered safe enough for people to use without the need of a doctor’s prescription.

Orlistat can reduce the absorption of some vitamins. Follow a well-balanced, reduced-calorie, low-fat diet. Orlistat is available by prescription as the diet drug Xenical, and dieters taking Xenical have also experienced similar side effects. Orlistat is regularly prescribed by GPs with no offer of concurrent psychosocial support and no service for the patient to access the GP readily should they wish to discuss any concerns. The medication is frequently added to the repeat medication request list and the patient is left to manage their own battle with obesity.

Orlistat works by inhibiting gastrointestinal lipase, an enzyme that breaks down triglycerides in the intestine. Without this enzyme, triglycerides from the diet are prevented from being hydrolyzed into absorbable free fatty acids and are excreted undigested. Orlistat interferes with the medications used to prevent transplant rejection. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in orlistat capsules. Orlistat can reduce the absorption of some vitamins. Bowel changes may occur if you eat too much fat.

Orlistat should be taken one hour after or during a meal containing about 15 mg of fat. Meals without fat do not require orlistat. Orlistat can help people lose 50% more weight than with dieting alone. That means if you could lose 10 pounds with a diet, you could lose 15 pounds working with alli. Orlistat works by blocking fat absorption into the body. Alli blocks 25% fat absorption when you take the pill with each meal.

Orlistat comes into play whenever you eat fats. When you eat the fat and it enters your digestive system Orlistat will attach itself to some of that fat and block it from breaking down with your body’s natural enzymes. Orlistat is marketed as Xenical (a prescription weight loss drug), and also as Alli, which is an over the counter weight loss pill marketed by GlaxoSmithKline – it is less potent compared to Xenical . Xenical contains 120mg of Orlistat, while Alli contains 60mg of Orlistat – just half as much per dose. Orlistat blocks fat absorption in your GI tract. Since you absorb less fat, you lose weight.

Fat is more calorie-dense than carbs or protein. Just one gram of fat has more than double the calories of the same amount of protein or carbs. Fat is more calorie-dense than carbohydrates or protein. One gram of fat is more than twice the calories of the same amount of protein and carbohydrate. Fat is more calorie-dense than carbs or protein. Just one gram of fat has more than double the calories of the same amount of protein or carbs. Consuming a meal with too much fat, while taking alli, can result in bowel changes such as having an urgent need to use the bathroom. These changes, called treatment effects, generally occur in the first weeks of treatment, are not harmful, and can be managed by following the recommended diet with about 15 grams of fat per meal. Consumers will also have to follow a reduced-calorie diet and commit to regular exercise to see results, she said. The undigested fat passes through the body and can cause unpleasant side effects, including gas, oily spotting and loose stools.

Dietitian Becky says that you really have to ask yourself if the benefits of Alli outweigh the risks. But for many others, no.” Dieting for teens is a touchy subject, because many diets do not provide the nutrition they need and most diet pills are not recommended for the age group. By encouraging teenagers taking prescription weight loss pills encourages lifetime dependency on weight loss pills rather than lifestyle modifications that are more likely to work long term. Diet drug studies have very high dropout rates, so the people remaining are the ones who get the best results. Maybe if the control group and the placebo group were put on the same caloric intake, then the group taking xenical lost more weight simply because fewer dietary fat calories were absorbed!

Diets may vary from 1,200 calories to 1,800 calories per day, so 15 grams is an average. Individuals need to be aware of hidden fat in food, so that they can lower the chance of having treatment effects. Diet pills provide a way to make this a reality. The problem is that diet pills are risky, and the results usually don’t last long.

Health experts are concerned about the potential abuse of the Alli drug once the diet pill becomes more readily available. There is particular concern over its use in children as well as adults who do not need to lose weight in order to maintain a healthy body . Health and fitness experts are concerned that Alli isn’t right for the average consumer. Tracie Johansson, a health club owner in Nampa, ID agrees with that assessment: “People looking for fast weight loss will be disappointed if they rely on a fat loss supplement like Alli.

Doctors say the pill, to be taken before each meal containing fat, works by not allowing the user’s gut to digest consumed fat. Undigested fat is removed in the stool. Doctors already have the remedies for really obese people and the rest of society has these quick fixes available from health food stores or others that in the long run only prolong a weight problem. I think the focus should be on fitness and not body weight that way perhaps people would go out for a walk instead of going to the store for a pill.

FDA approval and a sensible approach that focuses on your long-term success. The Alli Capsules is not just another product for you to buy. This program requires a commitment to living your life in a new way as you learn to change your eating and activity habits Alli Capsules is not for everyone, but alli is an option. FDA approval makes alli different. And the customized plan was designed for use with alli capsules to give you the support you need to succeed with weight loss. FDA panel members questioned whether consumers would be able to distinguish Alli from nonapproved dietary supplements also sold as weight-loss aids. They also expressed concern about its effect on vitamin intake.

FDA made a great contribution to the obese community with the approval of OTC sales for Alli, the reduced version of Orlistat (Xenical). It is a fat-blocking pill that will help fight obesity. FDA approval and a sensible approach that focuses on your success in the long term. This program requires a commitment to living your life in a new way as you learn to.

Xenical is a powerful weight loss medication and is so because of its formula and strength. Alli gives the impression it just too diluted to compete in the commercial weight loss market. Xenical was an utter failure because it contained a high level of Orlistat which had dangerous side effects. Xenical and Alli are the exact same pill, but now without prescription. I love it and have never had a bad effect.

Results will therefore vary depending on how effectively you change your overall lifestyle, although it has been shown to see results after the first week. Treatment with alli should not exceed 6 months. Results of that study showed those taking OTC-strength orlistat did lose more weight than those taking the placebo.


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The Atkins Diet Pros And Cons – What The Experts Don't Tell You About The Atkins Diet!


No one would participate in any dieting plan without seeing the potential pros and cons of it. The Atkins diet is no exception to this and one should carefully research the Atkins diet pros and cons before proceeding with it. Atkins diet pros include rapid weight loss, improved health, reduced risk of disease and methods to maintain weight. But the most popular in the list of Atkins diet benefits is that of rapid initial weight loss, which mainly depends on a high-fat and high-protein diet that may lead to cons and may compromise a good cardiac and other organ health.

Atkins Diet Pros

Atkins diet pros are realized through the cutting down of the intake of bad carbohydrates into your body . By significantly reducing the bad carbohydrates that you introduce into your body, it will start to burn the stored fat triggered by a processed named Ketosis. In fact, initially, practically all carbohydrates will be removed from the diet – not just those found in junk food. You are basically consuming mostly fats and oils during the first phase. For most of us, eating high levels of fat is satisfying for us and causes us to lose weight faster. Don't just eat any type of fatty food however. Limit the intake of trans-fats such as what is found in margarine and shortening. Stick to the good fats such as real butter, oils in nuts, canola oil, flax seed, and olive oil. Try to also stay away from the polyunsaturated fats other then those containing omega-3 fatty acids (like what is in fish).

Another of the Atkins diet benefits is the plan within its program to maintain the weight levels achieved . The idea behind weight maintenance is that each individual has a particular level of carbohydrate intake in which they will not lose nor gain weight. So after the initial phase of rapid weight loss, some carbohydrates are gradually introduced back into the body in order to determine what that level of balance is.

Another of the Atkins diet pros is the prevention of diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes. In simple terms, a high-protein and high-fat diet does not convert into sugar resulting in a stabilization of the blood sugar and insulin levels within the bloodstream. Patients who are pre-diabetic can possibly avoid having to take insulin shots in the future by losing weight through the Atkins diet now.

One of the most pleasant Atkins diet benefits is the fact that you start to look better and feel better not only in your self-esteem but physically as well . Patients who had chronic acid reflux and bloating from gas report that these symptoms begin to disappear once going on the Atkins diet. This is just because you are eating healthier and you weight is going down resulting in less pressure on your gastrointestinal system.

Atkins Diet Cons

The Atkins Diet is a popular and fast way to lose a lot of weight fast – there're many who give positive testimonials as to how much they did lose and how much better they feel. However one should be aware of the Atkins diet pros and cons before pursuing this diet. This is why knowing the Atkins Diet pros and cons are so important! Of the Atkins diet cons, the often asked about is the danger of a high-fat and high-protein diet in relation to good cardiac and other organ health.

Affecting the proper functioning of kidneys is one of the Atkins diet cons not too often discussed. A measure of good kidney function is the level of creatinine in the bloodstream. A high creatinine level means that the kidneys are not functioning as well. It has been determined that creatinine levels increase as a person is on the Atkins diet. Recommendations indicate that creatinine levels should be below 3.0. Any creatinine levels higher than that should be managed by a physician.

There is also the risk of calcium loss that is one of the Atkins diet cons. Calcium loss can result in the weakening of the bones or what is known as Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a loss of the healthy density in the bones and the bones become brittle and break easily. If the protein intake remains high as in the Atkins diet, the calcium intake will be low. Reductions in bone loss can also be attributed to the ratio of animal to vegetable protein intake.

Another of the Atkins diet cons is the effect it has on persons suffering from gout . Gout is a form of arthritis and it is triggered by elevated levels of uric acid in the blood. The condition in the Atkins diet known as ketosis is where the body starts burning stored fat. You want to go into ketosis or else the initial fast weight loss characteristic of the Atkins diet. As Ketones increase in your system, uric acid levels also increase and this is what complicates the gout.

Another common complaint from those on the Atkins diet is constipation . This is because there is a lack of fiber in this type of diet and fiber is what you need in order to give substance to a stool for passing. You might need to take some fiber supplements to help prevent this condition. There is also the increase of the risk of heart disease because of higher cholesterol and saturated fat intake.

The Atkins Diet pros and cons should be carefully considered before determining if this is the right diet for you. It can be a very effective diet but just make sure it will not put you at unnecessary risk.

Here's to your weight-loss regime that loves you!


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Core Balance Diet Reviews – Pros and Cons of Marcelle Pick’s Book


The Core Balance Diet is a weight loss book by Marcelle Pick that achieved a degree of success. One of the founders of the first women-centric clinic in the US she knows how to work with women to improve their health and nutrition.

In the diet, you can eat 6 meals each day and the emphasis is on good and fresh food. The calorie ratio should 30% fats, 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates. The book tries to help you return to a core balance in your body by eliminating 6 imbalances the Marcelle Pick identifies which may cause you to gain weight or be unable to shed it away.

While this book certainly has merit, it is not without its faults as well. So, in this article I want to explore the pros and cons of the Core Balance Diet so that you’ll know whether or not it is for you.


  • Advocates eating healthy food and making good nutritional choices.
  • Doesn’t have one rigid plan but can be used to create personalized meal plans.
  • Offers a selection meal plans and recipes you can use.
  • The Core Balance diet works for vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters alike.
  • Does provide information on emotional condition and its effect on fat loss.


  • This program does require meal planning which can become a hassle and may not fit with the character of each and every person.
  • Advocates taking supplement that can add to the cost of the program.
  • Works mainly for women so men should seek other solutions.


Source by John Davenport