Can Skipping Breakfast Help With Weight Loss?


NO! This is one myth which continues to circulate among those seeking to shed body fat. The theory is that by skipping breakfast, you are reducing overall caloric intake and thus forcing your body to lose weight. In theory this sounds great, but here are some important facts:

  • The body is fasting overnight. Skipping breakfast deprives the body of essential nutrients which it needs to function normally. Breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, and gets your digestive system moving for the day ahead. It also helps maintain concentration and mood.
  • Skipping breakfast has been shown to increase the likelihood of bad food choices later on in the day – high saturated fat / sugar, high calorie – as these are usually the most convenient and tempting choices to satisfy your hunger. This is also due to low blood sugar levels which prompt you to eat as soon as possible. Excess consumption of these foods can lead to further weight gain, and often long-term health issues such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
  • The body requires a certain amount of calories every day just to keep its basic operations in check – organ function, breathing etc. This is known as your basal metabolic rate. It also needs additional calories to replace those lost during exercise and daily activity. Missing out on breakfast doesn't remove the fact that your body needs a certain amount of calories to function, so you may end up cramming large amounts of food into one or two meals later on to make up for missing breakfast. This slows your digestive and metabolic rate, thus reducing your potential for weight loss (fat burning).

Just a final note on exercise first thing in the morning …

Don't do it! Training on an empty stomach first thing in the morning generally utilizes glucose from amino acids in muscle tissue as a fuel for the exercise. This means that you are literally breaking down your muscles to keep you going. For anyone on a muscle building program, this is seriously counter-productive. For those attempting to lose weight, this is also counter-productive – more lean muscle mass equals more fat burning potential (quicker metabolism)!


Source by Niall Ebbs

Skipping a Day Or Cheating on Nutrisystem – Can You Do This and Still Lose Weight? I’ll Tell You


I recently received an email from someone who wanted to get started on the nutrisystem diet by the early next week. However, on Friday of the same week, she was beginning a weekend where one of her best friends was getting married and she knew that she would not be able to strictly adhere to the diet during the few days that she was attending to her wedding duties. Still, she didn’t want to let this one event to keep her from starting with her weight loss goals. She wanted to know if it was possible to skip a day with nutrisystem (since ketosis is involved) or if this is going to throw the whole thing off. She wondered if she would be better off just waiting until after the wedding to get started. I guess the central question here is if you can sometimes skip a day with nutrisystem and still be successful. I’ll address this question in the following article.

Taking An Occasional Day Off On The Nutrisystem Diet: First off, it’s important to understand that there are really two mechanisms at play with this diet. Not only will you lose some weight by taking in less calories, but the goal is also to get your body into ketosis where it’s burning it’s way through fat since it doesn’t have as many carbohydrates at it’s disposal for fuel. The diet’s foods are designed to have lower amounts of sugars and carbs. So, you’re really not going to have to think much about this equation. So long as you don’t cheat, this process should take care of itself.

And, as long as you stay in ketosis, you will have both of these processes working for you at once and should lose weight at a pretty decent rate. Of course, if you take a day off and eat carbs with wild abandon then your body will then have those to burn rather than fat and will take full advantage of this. But, that really does not mean that all is lost. As long as you get back on course relatively quickly, it only takes a couple of days to get back into fat burning mode and you’ll immediately begin to take in a lower number of calories when you start back up on the plan.

The company does take this in account also. They even have a program called nutrisystem flex that allows you to take two days a week off. Of course, you shouldn’t arbitrarily eat junk food or huge amounts of calories, fats, or carbs on these off days and then expect to have the results that you want. What foods you cheat with are much more important than if you’re cheating or not. You are much better off having a burger than a slice of pie. You’re betting off eating chips than candy,

If you’re going to take a day off, then just use some common sense on the day that you do it. There’s nothing that said that the woman who sent the email could have made reasonably sensible choices on her weekend off. No one expected her to whip out her nutrisystem meals while every one else ate at a restaurant, but nothing said she couldn’t order fajitas rather than a huge bowl of pasta. You can join in the fun without having to make the worst choices on the menu.

I felt strongly that this person should go right ahead with her plans. This diet does have some leeway. Almost every one cheats every once and a while and I include myself in that phrase. The real key is not to let a day or two derail the whole plan. Because sometimes, one day sort of bleeds into the next so that you connect the dots a week later and realize that you never really went back on the diet. What really counts is that, generally speaking, you are taking in an overall less amount of calories and carbs so that you are able to repeatedly get into ketosis. If a few days derail you, it really only takes a few more days to get right back on track and in fat burning mode.


Source by Ava Alderman