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The Value of Preparing Food to Be and Stay Healthy and Satisfied


Kevin: What do you think of some of the biggest challenges that people face? That people just eat food, it’s not prepared with love, it’s processed? Is that the biggest challenge that people face from staying healthy?

Dr. Grace: It’s one of the biggest challenges, yes. Food that you buy and eat out of the box is no longer food. You know, we need to eat live today alive. When you eat something dead, how can you turn something dead into life? I don’t get it.

So we eat dead stuff. We eat dead stuff, we eat fat, we eat without paying attention to what we are eating, we don’t share the food that we eat okay? And so because we take away all these pleasures that surround the ritual of eating we concentrate just, we concentrate is a figurative term here, because we don’t really concentrate when we eat. We eat unconsciously.

So we keep eating and eating and eating and just stuffing our body with food and then the only gratification that we’re most likely to get is this fixation from having eaten. Sometimes we don’t even remember what we ate. Sometimes we don’t even pay attention to how many times we chewed of what we ate. Wouldn’t you agree?

Kevin: Yes.

Dr. Grace: We eat very, very fast and then what does this do to us? It taxes the body and we eat fast and, again, you see, you may eat very healthy food. You may eat just the raw food or just organic or just vegan or just I don’t know you name it. I mean there’s just so much, the technology and the of good, healthy food is so advanced today that every day we come up with a new brand or a new department of good, healthy food. I don’t care what kind of food we eat, but we may eat it very fast.

If we slow down a little bit and start paying attention to how we eat, how we eat is the first one, our behavior around eating. Then we’re going to start paying attention to what we eat. We need time to pay attention, we need time and space to pay attention to what it is that we’re eating.

Kevin: Right.

Dr. Grace: I really think that in order for us to become conscious of what we eat, we first need to pay attention how we eat it.

And then we will realize that when we sit down and we eat, I don’t know, and the 30 ounce sirloin steak…

Kevin: Oh gosh.

Dr. Grace: …at 10:30 pm and then try to go sleep and we need to eat, we need to take pills…

Kevin: Sure, enzymes and everything else.

Dr. Grace: So we need to 5 or 6 of them and about, I don’t know, 3 or 4 glasses of Alka-Seltzer and then walk up and down and then we need god knows what else to fall asleep and we think all this is stress. Well, it’s maybe stress, but not all of it may be stress from the office or stress from the boss. A lot of it is actual stress from the steak, you know, that is trying to be digested by our stomach which is working overtime while we, the rest of the body, needs to rest.

Kevin: Yes.

Dr. Grace: You see? When we sleep our bodies shut down. So what that this does, that the stomach should be relatively empty or free from heavy food okay? So if we slow down, though, and paid attention to all this process then perhaps that sirloin steak might be eaten with less frequency or a little earlier in the day.

Kevin: Yes.

Dr. Grace: So I’m not saying stop eating meat, I’m not saying this because I can not force people to completely change their food habits because I believe that, you know, such and such is better than other, but what I firmly believe again and I’ll say it again is that if people change the way they eat then the food they eat would be reconsidered and they would also change the food they eat as well.

I’m talking about what do we watch on Food Network that makes us salivate every time?

Kevin: Yes.

Dr. Grace: We sit in front of the TV and we watch the Food Network for hours and we say, “You know what? I love this channel” and I’ve asked thousands of people, “Why do you love this channel?” They say, “Look at they prepare this food. It’s just fantastic”. Well, what I am saying is turn your own kitchen into Emeril’s kitchen. Be your own Emeril. Be your own Rachel Ray. You can. Buy the ingredients, buy the baking sheet, buy the pots, buy the pans and start cooking. The satisfaction that you’re going to get is amazing. It’s phenomenal. It will change your whole outlook on food. You will learn a lot more how to pick the right ingredients. You will learn a lot more about the difference between organic vegetables. You will learn how to pick free ranged chicken from hormone fed chicken. You will, that is where you really, really learn the difference. Not by reading just books or watching TV shows.

Kevin: And here’s the big objection: I don’t have time. What…

Dr. Grace: But you have time to watch TV. I ask people, “How many hours of TV do you watch a week?” And it’s incredible. If we count the hours that we watch TV. If we could cut them in half we could still have time to cook.

Kevin: Sure.

Dr. Grace: Okay? And even zapping through channels is a time-consuming or what about the internet surfing? What about people reading recipes on the internet? That’s another secret addiction, you know? They search for recipes and then they go from one recipe to another and one recipe to another or they collect recipes. All that takes time. Well, what I’m here to say to you people is, okay, pick one of those recipes and cook it. Make it happen. Make it happen. Bring it to work. Share it with people. It will give you enormous satisfaction. Even the feedback that you’re going to get from some people, they will say, “You know what? I like it.” Some other people will say, “Well, it needs a little bit more, I don’t know, sugar or salt or less of this or more of that”. This builds community. This builds friendship. This is why people love watching Chocolate for example, the movie. Where we have a character who moves into this little village with her daughter and she’s a chocolate baker and she makes fantastic recipes using chocolate and the movie shows how this woman heals an entire community just by teaching them how to make chocolate cakes.

We yearn for this healing. We yearn for this love that we see that is shared among those people on big screen. You are the director of your movie and that is your life. So make the banquet. Prepare the banquet. It’s not difficult. It’s really easy and it’s a lot of fun. That is how you are going to feel active and engaged in your own life. In one very, very, very significant aspect of your life which is your eating. We live, if you think about it, Kevin, I mean that’s the bottom line here. If we don’t eat, we don’t stay alive.

Kevin: That’s a fact of life.

Dr. Grace: Okay, and isn’t that the bottom line?

Kevin: You say pick one recipe and it sounds so easy and I work with a bunch of people and I say, “Pick one exercise” or you know even in the success field is just pick one route and go for it. Though, that really, for some people it’s very difficult to make a decision. You know, you have hundreds of recipes. It’s almost like it’s easier to collect a hundred of them than actually make one. What do you say then?

Dr. Grace: Yes, well, I have to say a couple of things. First of all, we live in a culture of accumulation here. We think that accumulating material objects equals abundance. We have our pantries are always overstuffed, but and we order takeout. I mean, what is that? I think we, personal growth and self-fulfillment and self-actualization always implies, that’s the whole idea of the hero is journey by the way, always implies that we have to question the culture. At a certain point we do have to go against the cultural demands to carve our path in life. To carve our hero’s path.

So the culture says that you must have stuffed cabinets and you must have 12 shelves full of cookbooks and about 1300 handwritten recipes, okay? But brand new pans and pots and never used pots and pans in your kitchen, okay? We have to reverse this and start using our pots and pans and it’s okay if we have 12 recipes and not 1200 recipes, but we use them all. We can make the first step right now. We can pick one recipe. The one that we’ve always wanted and it does not have to be complicated. I love cooking meals that take less than 20 minutes to prepare.

Kevin: Sure.

Dr. Grace: We have all sitcoms are about 20, 25 minutes okay? Or series. Sex and the City, I mean, minus the commercials, is about 20 minutes. That’s it. That’s as long as we can stay with a ritual. So pick something that takes anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes and once you love it then go through the next recipe and then to the next .

Now let me give you an example about how I practice what I preach in my own life. I am currently going through a rather big transition and I just moved from a very functional and small apartment in New York City to a 4 bedroom house in on the shore of New Jersey. The house is empty for now because it’s a renovation and work I have an empty fridge. So what did I do yesterday? I went to the store and I was really hungry and I had a choice of buying something and eating it on the spot or buying something that I could prepare.

So I bought ham and cheese and whole grain bread and I went to my car and I opened it up and I made a sandwich. Right next to my car there was another car with a guy who looked at me through the window and he was holding a huge bag of chips. So as I was making a sandwich for myself he was opening the bag of chips and he looks at me and laughs. We look at each other and we both say with one word, “We’re hungry, hey.”

Kevin: Okay.

Dr. Grace: Now, what was the difference, though, between us? I was not eating chips out of a bag. It was something almost automatic for me to buy something that I could create a ritual out of alright? My ritual was to make my own sandwich because I took time. The few minutes that it took for me it was my food, it was my ritual and I opened a little napkin and I ate it and this is what I do.


Source by Kevin Gianni

Stay Healthy, Eat More Fish and Seafood


There are a lot of very good reasons to eat fish and seafood. Fish is a source of high quality protein, and is low in fat and cholesterol.

Fish and seafood are an excellent source of Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Omega 3 fatty acids. There is now a lot of evidence that people who regularly include fish in their diet have a lower risk of unwanted weight gain.

The Omega 3 fatty acids that Fish is rich off are a very important factor in the health benefits of a fish and seafood rich diet. Together with high quality vegetable oils health gains are impressive. So you better hit the tuna steak and reduce your intake of beef steak? Well not really as always its a matter of balance.

Omega 3 fatty acids are linked to a substantial decrease in the symptoms of inflammatory diseases like arthritis and colitis. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), they significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and some forms of cancer. Better yet, rich Omega 3 foods like fish have been tightly linked to positive mood changes. So, fish can even be of therapeutic value in the treatment of a mild depression or the “winter blues”!

More good news, there is evidence of a lower risk of developing Alzheimer disease as well as a reduction in the probability of developing type 2 diabetic diseases. Of course there are still a lot of unanswered questions in this area, but Fish and Seafood are a major part of the Mediterranean Diet. People in the countries that are eating fish and using olive oil are known to have less cancer and heart problems than we have in America.

And the list goes on. It seems that Fish and seafood are very beneficial for pregnant women as well. The Omega 3 fatty acids seem to have a positive effect on fetal brain development and may reduce the risk of premature birth. There are positive effects on the growth and health of the fetus.

All of these very positive effects seem to be linked to the Omega 3 fatty acids, but there is now more and more information coming in about the importance of other nutrients in fish and other seafood. Proteins, vitamins and amino acids may all play a part in the health benefits of eating fish. It’s a case of the sum is more than the total of the parts.

The benefits of eating fish and seafood are so obvious that the American Heart Association (AHA) has recommends that adults eat fish at least twice a week and if you have heart disease, the AHA recommends a diet that contains as many Omega 3 fatty acids as one “fatty fish” meal a day. So Fish is beneficial for the health of people with heart problems as well as it prevents getting those problems in the first place.

When you read all this it seems obvious. Eat more fish and seafood. We have a great selection of seafood recipes available on our website. Talking about great news for seafood lovers! And did you know that there are really zillions of ways to prepare a great seafood meal?

With so much positive news about fish, one doesn’t get around the idea that there might be a catch. Well in a way there is. There are dangers in the form of heavy metals found in fish. An article about the dangers and some FDA guidelines on gaining and not losing your health can be found on our web.


Source by Hans Dekker

You Don’t Need Food Supplements to Stay Healthy


Are you taking food supplements? Why?

If you answer “To stay healthy,” then you are off the mark.

I take Kirkland’s Mature Multi because my daughter insists that I should (and pays for it, too). Otherwise, I would go with Dr. Donald McCormick, Ph.D. and Emory University professor emeritus of biochemistry who said, “A lot of money is wasted in providing unnecessary supplements to millions of people who don’t need them.”

This is after Emory University’s study showing that practically half of people 65 and above are taking supplements aside from the daily nutrition they get from the food they eat.

If you are one of them, it is about time you re-think your strategy of staying healthy. You can still achieve your goal supplement free through these.

1. Eat healthily:

Your body goes through drastic changes as you age. One of these is the slowing down of your metabolism. It means your body could no longer digest food as fast as it used to.

To remedy this situation, you must eat more easily digestible foods so they can be transformed into useful energy your body needs.

Doing otherwise will result in the pile up of undigested food which will lodge somewhere, i.e., face, arms, legs waist, as ugly fats.

To eat healthily, consult your doctor or nutritionist on what should go you’re your diet.

o Fruits:

They are heavy in sugars as well as vitamins and nutrients.

Citrus fruits like grapefruit, oranges, and limes are high in Vitamin C, while dark fruits like berries, pomegranates, and cherries are high in anti-oxidants.

Bananas, plums, and prunes are high in potassium for strength and proper cell functioning.

They also slow down aging by eliminating toxins from your body.

o Vegetables:

Leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, and arugula are rich in vitamin B (folic) acid, which is good against anemia and deterioration of nerve functions.

And they are delicious, too.

o Dairy:

Dairy, such as milk, cheese, and yogurt, is full of calcium, which is necessary for building and maintaining strong bones, preventing bone embrittlement.

You can use nut milk if you are lactose intolerant. They are also calcium-rich.

Avoid unpasteurized dairy because they might contain harmful microbes such as the ecoli bacteria.

o Grains and Beans:

Grains and beans are high in fibers which are very important especially if you have digestive system problems.

They help prevent irregular bowel movements that could develop into unhealthy complications, like colon cancer.

2. Drink lots of water:

Old age also decreases your body’s water-carrying capacity making you prone to dehydration – one of the major causes of emergency admittance among seniors. It is associated with high mortality rates among the age group.

Avoid dehydration by drinking at least eight, 8-oz glasses of water daily (about 3 liters) a day.

Soda, coffee, or tea is no substitute for water as they can affect your body one way of the other. Even herbal tea cannot substitute water.

Should you feel like taking fruit juice, make your own, not any of those you get from the grocery which is full of sugar and other preservatives.

3. Exercise:

According to WebMD, only one in four seniors, aged between 65 and 74 exercise regularly for a variety of reasons like they are too old, or out of shape, or just plain lazy to stretch their muscles.

Exercise is always good regardless of age. It is a necessity as you age.

It makes you feel stronger, happier and more enthusiastic about life. It also prevents loss of bone density, improves balance and coordination, boosts your memory, and minimizes the occurrence of chronic conditions, like asthma.

Pick a less vigorous exercise routine to avoid over-exertion. For example, 30 min/per day of brisk walking, biking or tai-chi is good enough to flex your muscles and joints and strengthen your cardiovascular system.

4. Get enough sleep:

There is no standard number of hours per night, but six to seven hours of uninterrupted sleep at night will be good for you.

It is enough to give your body and mind that much-needed rest; it rejuvenates you and primes you up for next day’s activities.

Take mid-day naps as well. They have been proven beneficial for seniors like you.

5. Find a balance between mind, body, and soul:

We are all made up of body, mind, and soul. They are inseparable. They go where you go, and do what you do. And you must give each their fair share of attention and care.

You can do that by eating healthy, living healthy and thinking healthy.

You cannot favor one over the other without offsetting your inner balance. Without balance, you will suffer from any of the physical and mental changes that come with aging.

According to Leanne Beattie, 15 to 50% of seniors are suffering either from poor nutrition or malnutrition, while others are having sedentary lifestyles.

Together they contribute to the health and wellness problems among people 65 and above and consume third of their monthly budgets.

It doesn’t have to be that way. As a retiree, you are supposed to be enjoying life not spending your time with your doctors and your money on expensive drugs for your medical conditions.

By changing your lifestyle and a few minutes a day of working up a sweat, you can live a healthy and happy life supplement free.


Source by Joseph Dabon

Stay Healthy With Green Drink Recipes


Most diets you come across claiming to help you lose weight, fight fatigue and lower your blood pH will inevitably have you removing food from your diet. This is what people typically think of when starting a new diet and to be honest, it’s what scares most people away. We hate not being able to eat the foods we love! Well, I’m sick of doing things the hard way and you should be too.

This approach has you adding things to your diet instead of taking away and will leave you healthier than ever. By utilizing green drink recipes, we can easily do this. Adding a healthy green smoothie or drink to your diet will have a profound impact on how you structure your meals. This is how it works:

  • Add a green drink or smoothie to at least one meal a day (breakfast is probably the best choice).
  • Drink it before you eat the rest of your meal.

What does this do?

Since green drinks and smoothies consist of very pure, nutritious ingredients like leafy greens, fresh fruit and fresh vegetable or fruit juices, this is a fantastic way to consume all your necessary vitamins and minerals without having to resort to a multivitamin.

It also allows you to eat less “junk food” because your stomach will be satiated from the nutritious green drink and you won’t have enough room for a giant meal afterwards. This is great for people who have a problem with overeating.

How will this help you lose weight? Simple, you’re eating less junk food and more low calorie nutritious food.

How will this help you fight fatigue? By adding a fresh green drink to your diet, your body is getting all the vitamins and minerals it needs to operate at full capacity.

How will this lower your blood pH? Green leafy vegetables are extremely alkaline and eating alkaline foods will lower your blood pH which helps remedy all sorts of dis-eases.

Soon, your body will start to crave food that is of higher nutritious quality and because of that, you will naturally start to eat better, lose weight, and be healthier overall.

Here’s a recipe you can try out:

6 strawberries

1 cup pomegranate seeds

1 apple

1 stalk of celery

1 peach

1 handful of red grapes

1 handful of fresh spinach

1 banana

1 cup water

Just toss everything into a blender and blend until your desired consistency. Enjoy!


Source by Jason Manheim