Why keto doesn’t work

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20 Keto Lunch Ideas for Work in 2019


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Does the FBF Weight Loss Plan Really Work? Learn Why Rob Poulos's Fat Burning Furnace Works


I am a software programmer. I need to sit for long hours in front of computers in an air conditioned room. I have sedentary life style and was very fond of burgers, KFC chicken fry and beer.

I was also looking for a new job and got an interview call. I discovered on the day of my interview that I can not wear any of my existing suits which I purchased only 4 months back. I was very disappointed and for the first time I realized what damage I had done to myself.

After consulting few doctors, certified fitness trainers and doing a detailed online research. I found my main problem is slow metabolism due to lack of physical activity, snacking throughout the day on high sugared foods (candy, colas, cakes, gum), eating or drinking too much sugar containing foods like cola and poor diet.

I found an online program called fat burning furnace by Rob Poulos where several people gave a positive feedback. I noticed that most of them lost around 10 lbs to 20 lbs within 1 month because this program boost the metabolism. I was also more curious because several marketers gave FBF a negative rating, stating that fat burning furnace is a scam. I overcame all the mentality of distrust and skepticism and downloaded the book.

I liked FBF weight loss plan as it doesn't force any strict dietary changes, but provides each person with various alternatives to their favorite food. Aauthor has designed a way for you to attain the weight you desire and at the same time get rid of the old saying "eat less, workout more".

Here are the 7 steps that I followed for my dramatic dress size reduction and to get back the energy that I had at the age of 15.

1. I stopped eating fried foods. I must admit that I really miss those king size Mc Burgers.

2. I started taking 5-7 smaller meals, throughout the course of the day. This is based on rotational diet meal plan and calorie shift, which actually improved my metabolism. The FBF Diet, also called the "15 minute miracle", comes in two customizable versions: FBF Deluxe & FBF Ultimate Fitness System, where I got fat loss workout routine and diet choices. The most important part is to eat foods that boost metabolism, so that you can lose weight quickly and easily.

3. As suggested in the system, I started taking dinner at 8 PM everyday and started going to bed at around 11 PM instead of 2 AM after playing hour long computer games. I found good sleep, which helped me a lot in my work.

4. I stopped skipping breakfast, which I used to do often because of my bad habit of going to bed late.

5. I stopped smoking and avoided most of the weekend parties to avoid alcohol. Thank God! I was not a heavy smoker.

6. I used natural colon cleanser for sometime. I found this simple and easy way has helped me to lose 5 pounds in 7 days, in the first week it self.

7. I started aerobic fat burning exercises like jogging, swimming and interval training for 45 minutes, 5 days a week. This typical exercise schedule actually burns the fat whole day, even when I am chatting with my friends or watching a movie.

Why the above plan works?

(a) Regular exercises improves your breathing and also force you to drink more water which are two two natural metabolism boosters.

(b) Aerobics, high intensity interval & resistance training builds muscle. For every 1 lb of muscle your body will burn about 50 extra calories per day without any additional effort on your part.

Friends !! I can assure you that if you follow the same plan like me for quick fat loss and maintain a proper lifestyle, your body will look fit, firm and phenomenal from the beach to the boardroom … and BEYOND.

Let's summarize what we learned:

The Fat Burning Furnace is a step by step program for burning body fat by building lean muscle & boosting your metabolism using proper exercise & nutrition.


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How to Make Low Carb Dieting Work For You


There are some truth about the rumors you might have heard about low carb dieting.

It works like gangbusters to get rid of excess weight. YES it’s True.

It works very fast. You’ll see results in matter of few days. Yes it’s True.

It also make you feel less energized. Yes it’s True.

It also make you look a little aged. Scary but it’s true when used low carb dieting for long term.

Well, if you are women reading this article, I bet you are little scared about last 2 parts. If all of the above is true, then why do so many people suggest using low carb diets. There is very simple answer. You’ll see results fasters. That’s it. That’s one of the main reason why Atkins diet is so popular.

My recommendation – I recommend using low carb diets when you have some stubborn fat deposits (love handles, some on thighs). It’s often far effective to target them for 3-4 weeks with a low carb diet plan and a good workout.

The basic idea why it works is – When you decrease your carbs intake, there’s a decrease in your muscles and liver glycogen stores, this in turn stimulates the body to burn more fat. The headache about going low is that it starts to lower your metabolism, thus reducing the fat burning effect. To counter that, I do recommend you to add more protein and fat (good kind) in your food. I also do not recommend to spend much time in low target zone. It’s unhealthy for long term. Anything over 28-30 days is unhealthy. That’s why I don’t recommend Atkins at all.

How to go Low carbohydrate?

Simple, Get all of your carbs from natural resources (fruits, vegs etc). Technically anything that can be either hunted (meat), grown (fruits/vegs) is often a good choice of food to eat.

Avoid packaged stuff or un-natural (colas, chips etc). It’s easy when you think about it.


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Review For Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse Results – Does It Work?


If you're looking to get your weight loss off to a fabulous start the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse is for you! It is considered to be a performance cleanse because it is recommended to be done along with a workout program. Shakeology by Beachbody is really low in calories at 140 and is extremely high in nutrients. This ultra-premium beverage tastes just like a milk shake and is very satisfying. To sum things up Shakeology is well balanced, gives you the absolute best nutrients, and is very low in calories.

During the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse you will be taking in between 800 and 1000 calories each day. One very important factor of this cleanse is that it will rid your body of harmful toxins. You will begin to experience a constant boost of pure energy you never knew you could have. Your body will also run more smooth and efficient. Weight lose is just one of the many bonuses of the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse.

The cleanse starts by drinking Shakeology 3 times each day and drinking lots of water. You will also be eating one small solid meal, 2 snacks, and 2 cups of green tea each day. Fruit is recommended for your snack. For dinner salad is suggested with 4 ounces of grilled white fish or poultry, with 2 tablespoons of salad dressing at most. Also, make sure to avoid anything artificial like soda, juice, alcohol, energy drinks, and coffee.

The main purpose of the Shakeology 3 Day Cleanse is to rid body of all of its toxins. Keep in mind that weight loss is a marathon, not a race. Even if you don't lose much weight during the cleanse this is the beginning of your weight loss journey.


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Does Strip That Fat Work? The Truth Behind the Online Diet


To best answer the question, Does Strip That Fat Work?, we first need to look at how the diet works. This popular online diet is based on the idea of food rotation. By having smaller meals of the right foods more often, the metabolism is confused and this causes it to speed up, which is a proven method for weight loss. The guide claims dieters can lose 14lbs in just 14 days by dropping the top 10 unhealthiest foods and shifting their diet toward the best 10 foods and closely following the instructions.

There are two parts to the diet: the eBook and the Diet Generator.

The Strip That Fat eBook is written in a conversational fashion that’s intended to be easy to read. There is no confusing science to follow. It begins by explaining why most diets don’t work. Then it shows how following a step-by-step plan works far better. The bulk of the book deals with the “15 Dieting Aha’s”. These are chapters on topics covering areas of dieting, such as how smaller meals are better than big ones, tips on how to make eating out healthy, and creative ways to add in exercise.

The Diet Generator is a piece of software that allows you to enter your food preferences and then generates a 14-day personal diet plan. This simple, easy-to-use device is designed to give you a definite plan to follow which makes dieting easier to stick to. The 40,000 diet combinations create variety and balance lacking in many other diets. It also forms a grocery list so you know exactly what to shop for.

This is a systematic diet intended for the long term. There are three basic cycles to the program. Cycle 1 is the ‘burn fat fast’ phase. Cycle 2 is the ‘maintenance’ phase to keep you on track and Cycle 3 helps you keep the fat off long term. Dieters continue using the Diet Generator which adapts the plan accordingly. This program claims to show you how to keep the fat off, increase your energy levels and improve your overall health.

While the emphasis is firmly on diet, Strip That Fat does contain an important section on exercise. Once the correct eating habits are adopted dieters are able to get the best results from the exercise program.

Support is given in the members’ area on the Strip That Fat website. There is a forum to exchange ideas and tips. Free upgrades are available as the diet and Diet Generator are further improved.

Two different packages are offered, the “Standard” and the “Platinum”. The “Platinum” package contains an additional diet book called “Calworries”, a calorie worksheet and meal planner and the “Living Life Healthy” recipe guide.

The diet works in theory but does Strip That Fat work in practice? While still a relatively new diet there is user feedback from reliable sources on the web. The majority has been very positive. In general, users found they achieved their greatest results in the initial phases. This is typical of most successful diets.

On the downside Strip That Fat does sometimes comes across as a little unpolished. There are several odd jokes in the guide and the occasional typo. This is not a scientific explanation of how nutrition and exercise work. The basics are well explained but those wanting more detailed technical information will need to supplement with more material.

Our original question was does Strip That Fat work? This is a diet which satisfies the key stumbling points that cause many diets to fail. Strip That Fat does take into account motivation, balanced nutrition and keeping the weight off in the long term. With the Diet Generator and website support this is an online diet that, unlike many others, is more than just an ebook. Above all this is a practical and realistic program that works.


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